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While enjoying my ordinary walk through the fields and meadows along the coastline, around the village called Liznjan, about 5 kilometers from home ...

IMG_2462 malo.jpg

... I stumbled upon something that looked quite extraordinary ...
IMG_2452 malo.jpg

... a strange, pot - like form of life ...

IMG_2463 malo.jpg

... that I never saw before ...


... and I found a hole in the ground ...

IMG_2412 malo.jpg

... this hole looks empty right now ... but will reveal a nice surprise later in the post.

IMG_2482 malo.jpg

I took these photographs some weeks ago ... on 25.10.2020. While the signs of autumn were clearly visible in forests, especially throughout the inland of the peninsula, here along the southern shoreline ...


... with fresh grass, no fallen leaves ...

IMG_2374 malo.jpg

... and the occasional flowers ...

IMG_2390 malo.jpg

... the season was passing practically unnoticed.

IMG_2381 malo.jpg

So, when I went on this walk ... I didn't expect to harvest anything interesting for a Fungi Friday post ... but ...

IMG_2375 malo.jpg

... as you can see - the post is here ... firmly situated inside the Fungi Lovers community ...

IMG_2454 malo.jpg

... and that's mostly because of these things ...

IMG_2464 malo.jpg

... that started the post ...

IMG_2436 malo.jpg

... and will continue to appear in between short excerpts filled with other stuff I saw that day.

IMG_2387 malo.jpg

The sky was blue ... the sea was blue as well ... fishing boats were on their way in and out of the bay ...

IMG_2388 malo.jpg

... here you can see two very different kinds of fishing vessels ...

IMG_2389 malo.jpg

... a relatively large boat that is returning from the open Adriatic after the sardine hunt ... and the small, one man crew, in a traditional small boat for coastal activities. After I took these shots ...

IMG_2358 malo.jpg

... when I changed my focus from the distance to my immediate surroundings ... I noticed a small Podarcis sicula lizard coming out of the hole in the ground ...

IMG_2364 malo.jpg

... and this small mushroom was growing near my left shoe ... I almost stepped on it.

IMG_2396 malo.jpg

When I approached the hole I noticed this, even smaller, mushroom.


Soon my attention was caught by this trio of daisies. I took this shot ... sniffed a bit around the flowers in search for insects ... and then ...


... when I returned to the hole in the ground ...

IMG_2422 malo.jpg

... the lizard was there again ...

IMG_2398 malo.jpg

... watching me from the safe point near the entrance ... so I was able to take these two shots before he retreated deeper.

IMG_2377 malo.jpg

With the lizard gone, I went to do a bit more exploring around those daisies ... and this time I caught an interesting scene ...

IMG_2383 malo.jpg

... the crab spider Thomisus onustus with its prey ... the Sphaerophoria scripta Hoverfly. I took a few shots ... and then returned to see what's going on with the Podarcis sicula. The lizard wasn't visible when I sat on the ground near the hole ...

IMG_2401 malo.jpg

... but he appeared soon ...

IMG_2403 malo.jpg

... and his appearance was braver this time.

IMG_2405 malo.jpg

The lizard came very close to the lens ...

IMG_2404 malo.jpg

... almost touched it with the nose. On the way back to the car ...

IMG_2354 malo.jpg

... I was following the small gravel road ... two small mushrooms were unexpectedly growing there ...


... and at one point ... on the edge of the road ...

IMG_2461 malo.jpg

... I finally found the main character of this post ...

IMG_2467 malo.jpg

... the bird's nest fungus - Cyathus stercoreus.


The fruiting body starts its development in the shape of this small protuberance ...

IMG_2485 malo.jpg

... it grows ... it gets larger ...

IMG_2486 malo.jpg

... and it develops a paper - like membrane on its top.

IMG_2476 malo.jpg

At some point the membrane starts to break ...

IMG_2468 malo.jpg

... and sometimes at this stage ...

IMG_2466 malo.jpg

... the fungi looks like a broken bongo drum.

IMG_2465 malo.jpg

When the membrane dissolves the thing looks like some pot with a bunch of black eggs at its bottom.

IMG_2495 malo.jpg

Among these very interesting little fungi ...

IMG_2424 malo.jpg

... I found also a bunch of small, elegant mushrooms.

IMG_2477 malo.jpg

Parasola plicatilis ...

IMG_2431 malo.jpg

... is the scientific name of this lovely umbrella.

IMG_2489 malo.jpg

As I mentioned before ...

IMG_2497 malo.jpg

... this was my first encounter with Cyathus stercoreus in nature.

IMG_2442 malo.jpg

I saw similar fungi on photographs ...

IMG_2432 malo.jpg

... I was long aware of this very peculiar fungi type ...

IMG_2500 malo.jpg

... so, to finally see one of those species in nature ...


... and take a bunch of photographs through the macro lens ...

IMG_2471 malo.jpg

... was very exciting.


Here you can see two young fruiting bodies still in development, sharp in the foreground ... and an opened, developed one, blurred in the background. I took quite a few arguably unnecessary shots because of the excitement, and the rarity of the find.

IMG_2504 malo.jpg

Some mushrooms were growing nearby in narrow spaces between the rocks ... I displaced a rock to take this shot.

IMG_2506 malo.jpg

This group looked very cool in a little canyon.

IMG_2427 malo.jpg

Some others, just some centimeters away ...

IMG_2426 malo.jpg

... were growing in a much greener environment.

IMG_2509 malo.jpg

After I took all those fungi shots, further along the road that leads to my car, I encountered this big black Carabus coriaceus, a pretty large ground beetle species.

IMG_2444 malo.jpg

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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What a post! Nice one, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the comment :)

Amazing as always! espescially the mushroom caps)

Fascinating and delightful. I really like the bird's nest fungi. And you did a good job hooking the reader by waiting to tell us what it is till later in the post.

A wonderful post that inspired me for a watercolor. A hug and ... Bravo! (reblog it)

Thank you :)

Wow! You have a whole zoo here today!! LoL

very good shot ... and some really beautiful mushrooms that i have never seen.

!discovery 30