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Summers are here hot and dry, definitely not fungi - friendly kind of seasons ...

P1770962 malo.jpg

... the possibility to encounter mushrooms or fungi of any other kind, is the last thing on my mind ... especially while walking along the small dusty roads that lead to the sea ...

P1770963 malo.jpg

... so, when I find this small dark fungi on 20. July 2016 ...

P1770964 malo.jpg

... I was very surprised.

P1770965 malo.jpg

They were growing on the bark of some tree. I don't remember what kind of tree it was ... nor if it was rotting or alive.

P1770969 malo.jpg

On the same branch, amongst yellow lichens, I found also these dry and resilient little fungi. Lichens themselves are also kind of fungi, partially at least - they are composite, symbiotic organisms made of algae or cyanobacteria living amongst filaments of multiple fungi species ... and the lichen is more than just a sum of its parts, with properties different from those of the component organisms.

P1770959 malo.jpg

Here you can see a bit of the overall atmosphere on that hot summer day ... the small cicada is singing on the dry grass ...

P1780040 malo.jpg

... and the grasshopper is ready to jump away.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Great cicada shots. Fungi are interesting, even beautiful in an otherworldly kind of way. But....


this one is simply beautiful. the Gulliver and Lilliputians =)

happy #FungiFriday!

very attractive black ear mushrooms are seen as very beautiful ...

हर बार की तरह लाजवाब फोटोज़ मित्र 👌👌👌

धन्यवाद :)

Poor dried up wood ears. Fortunately the Cicada and the grasshopper are edible substitutes :-)

hehehehe mummified for eternity maybe :) like fungi pharaohs. Yes, those insects look juicy enough for a dinner.

I've actually eaten grasshoppers and cicada before. Hoppers taste like broccoli and cicadas taste like shrimp/chicken.

Never tried, but I believe that tastes good. How were prepared? Fried and crunchy?

I must appreciate you for having something to show us even in the summer.
Here in Nigeria, everywhere is dry and mushrooms are very hard to find. Some of those tough ones have dried up and are more uglier than what it looked like in December last year.
Happy Fungi Friday to us all.

:) Happy Fungi Friday. Here is also pretty dry in summer, so this is the only thing that I can show in summer. But in autumn there is an abundance and many mushrooms can be found for a few weeks.