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In absence of fallen leaves and with so many flowers around ...


... it could be easily mistaken for springtime ...


... if there were no mushrooms around. Although some fungi appear from time to time in spring, they never appear here on the dry, open meadows near the sea. This is an autumnal exclusive ...


... and the mushrooms you just saw ... look like some smaller relatives of the Parasol mushroom ... but I don't know what exactly they are ... the only thing I can say for sure ...


... is that they are the most numerous mushrooms these days ...


... here on the yellow fields, covered with Dittrichia viscosa plants ...


... in bloom. These resilient weed grows so uniformly and abundantly here, that the entire area looks like some kind of cultivated plantation ...


... with mushrooms hidden in the grass.


On the borders of the field ...


... where the grass is shorter and vegetation less dense ... you can find the edible Agaricus campestris ... this one is old, is slowly decomposing and releasing strong aroma that attracts flies. You can see two of them if you enlarge the picture.


Here you can take a better look at those flies.


I spent ... well is hard to say how much time I spent observing them ...


... but I'm sure that I sat there near the mushroom longer than expected.


Watching the fly feeding on rotting mushroom ...


... ended up to be surprisingly entertaining.


On the following photograph ...


... you can see the young and fresh Agaricus campestris.


A bit later ... not far from there ...


... I stopped to watch another insect feeding.


The ground beetle, of the Bembidion obtusum species ...


... was eating the tiny, aromatic fruits ...


... of the fennel plant.


While photographing this puffball mushroom ...


... I was again surrounded with relatively tall Dittrichia viscosa plants ... this shot was taken from my sitting perspective.


Puffballs of various sizes were growing in the humid shade under the dense growth of Dittrichia viscosa.


I saw many Puffballs that day ...


... but no puffball was more elegantly shaped than the rounded beauty on this photograph.


I took this shot ... of some minuscule brown mushroom ... also there, under the Dittrichia viscosa plants.


This Datura stramonium plant was photographed at the edge of the field ... mostly because of the three Phalangium opilio arachnids resting on its large leaves.


And that's it ... hope you enjoyed this short autumnal walk through the meadows ...


... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


Fantastic shots: puff ball, the beetle, the mushrooms. And those flies have great eyes :)


Amazing fields of weeds!! If they were edible, they would become valuable! Send in lots of goats they will eat the weeds I hope! The sky is so blue, no autumn leaves here either! We have rain. You are good at spotting mushrooms!

well, probably they are non toxic and edible. just hoomans prefer more tasty stuff, like fruits... or at least carrots :)

It has always frightened me that mushrooms are poisonous all my life. It is truly terrible that colored and spotted mushrooms in particular are poisonous. But I really like to eat fa mushrooms as a meal. Your photos are beautiful. I really like SE's photos.

Thanks :) Yes, is kind of scary to think about what some poisonous mushrooms can do to internal organs and how painful this kind of death can be. There is one species of mushroom here in the area, fortunately very small, so is hard that someone would think to eat that ... poisoning with this mushroom shows the first symptoms after 30 - 40 days ... and it destroys living tissues ... a person literary starts to break in pieces with a lot of internal bleeding ... an absolute horror.

It is terrible to realize that you have been poisoned after 30 or 40 days and to see symptoms.

It has always frightened me that mushrooms are poisonous all my life.

as seems you are non native speaker of English it s a bit hard to understand what exactly do you want to say with this obscure statement.

did SOME naughty mushroom poisoned you in the past, so that you suffer poisoning from then to nowdays?

or did you mean that - every time you decide to try and pickup a mushroom, you choose a wrong one, toxic one, and suffer from poisoning?

or did you mean that ANY mushroom you could want to try -- definitely must be a toxic specie?..

but its not! most of them are edible. you should just educate yourself about them, their IDs and qualities.

It is truly terrible that colored and spotted mushrooms in particular are poisonous.

thats a rediculos statement!

I just blogged a post of September mushrooms and the most 'frightening' terrible colored and spotted one -- is a good, edible Pholiota....

wish you well, mate! and good luck with farming ESTM tokens :=)

Hey @qwerrie English is not my native language, unfortunately. I would very much like English to be my native language. Because it is a universal language. Yes, what I wrote may not be understood very well, I'm very sorry about that.

I am very afraid that mushrooms may even be toxic. Actually I can say that I am not afraid for myself. About 4 years ago, my friend was poisoned by the mushroom she ate and died. But his death was a little strange and bad. I think she suffered a lot. I learned this from her family. Although I asked more questions, they did not say anything about it. He was one of my favorite friends. We were going to school in primary school.

When I think of mushrooms, I get scared and I remember the past. This situation makes me feel very bad. The photos in this post reminded me of the past. It was a bad experience, but now I know the value of my loved ones very well.

happy #fungifriday, Borjan!
your puff-balls are immaculate.
my fave are your macros of a fly tasting the fungus fruiting body. thats the top visuals for me! cheers, and a !BEER for a Friday evening... or nighting.. do the frogs sing for you in the bog this night?

Thanks :) cheers ... is early night, 20h ... no signs of frogs so far :)

oh, so they may join in later?..
in my comment I a bit joked, cause, hm, its rather cold here and I consider they already gone to their lairs for the long winter sleep?..
(I just remembered your old post, and felt regrets that for two months of my summer vacays - I had never experienced such an experience even once! huh .. probably I have the wrong frogs around! which reproduce themselves by cuttings and do not have a mating season with songs and dances. plausible?)

Ahaaa :) Usually I hear frogs in spring and early summer ... these days I see them crawling around from time to time in my garden, but silently, there's no mating around. Here the days are very warm around noon, and night and mornings are fresh, kind of cold but not really cold :) with morning dew usually ... is like second springtime with a lot of insect activity ... but the forecast for Sunday says that the weather will get considerably colder ... well'see.


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