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I went for a walk this morning ... drove to the peninsula near the port of my hometown, and there, in the shade under the big old pine trees ...


... I found quite a few mushrooms ... definitively more than I could imagine ...


... considerably more than I expected ... because, when it comes to mushrooms and other fungi stuff, at this time of the year I expect - exactly nothing.
This is the Parasola auricoma, a small ink cap that can appear here in every time of the year ... if it's not too cold and there is enough humidity.
We had short periods of soft springtime rain during this week ...


... and about a hundred meters further, I found some much bigger, robust mushrooms.


This is the Amanita rubescens ...


... an edible mushroom that resembles a lot some poisonous Amanitas ... like the very dangerous Amanita pantherina that also grows in this area.


On some leaf not far from these mushrooms ...


... I photographed a very colorful little spider. I don't know the species ... never noticed this kind of spider before.


I found this group of small mushrooms ...


... not far from there ... under another pine.


I don't know what mushroom exactly is this ... could be the seriously poisonous inocybe rimosa ... but I'm far from sure, quite a few similar looking small mushrooms grow here, it's easy to get confused.


And that's it, as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


That Amanita has been through quite a battle with the slugs and weather, but he still looks amazing.

As I read in your post, you are in spring, and I think that is how you say, the rains can cause the appearance of these fungi, I suppose they require a lot of humidity, I like you to recognize which are edible and which are not, it was a good walk and good finds.
Happy friday

Beautiful photography sir 👌☺️😍

The Parasola auricoma fungus looks very attractive and this tiny mushroom looks absolutely gorgeous ...