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Today, after buying some stuff in the city, I went driving around in search of themes and photographs for a new post.


I stopped by the crossroad in the rural area near the town called Bale, about 30 - 40 kilometers from where I live. Here you can see the remains of some old, mysterious drystone construction. I mean, that's how it looks. But I don't know, maybe it was built recently using the old stones taken from one of the many old walls that can be found everywhere in Istra.


The sparse signs of springtime were visible in some treetops ...


... some branches were covered with fresh new buds ...


... and down on the ground, I found a bunch of small mushrooms that I have never seen before.


They looked like the typical umbrella-shaped fruiting bodies with gills or spongy pores under the cap, but when I came closer ...


... and took a look through the macro lens, it was clear that this is something else.


The cap was like a small puffball mushroom mounted on a pretty long stalk. I tried to squeeze it to see if the spores will get out, but the thing was hard and woody. Well, on the mushroom shown in this photograph, at least.


Very soon I came across a softer mushroom filled with spores that came out in form of a minuscule cloud of dust, just like in any typical puffball.


This minuscule, translucent shell was photographed nearby.


Here you can see one of the small plants that grew among the moss and mushrooms.


This is a young sprout of Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)


Here you can see another empty snail shell. This one isn't translucent. I found many similar shells ...


... scattered among the mushrooms.


An hour ago, when I started preparing this post and searching for information on the Internet, I found out that this is a species from the Tulostoma genus of the Agaricaceae family. It could be the Tulostoma brumale, but I'm not sure about the exact species.


I found plenty of interesting details about the mushrooms. Here you can see the old, dried-out fruit of the Medicago disciformis plant.


A couple of centimeters further, the Tyta luctuosa moth was resting on the ground.


Near the sleepy moth, I found these minuscule droplets caught on the silky threads.


Here you can take a look at the vegetation at the edge of the meadow. The focus is on the old trees covered with ivy. It's good to break the macro view for a moment.


Do you remember the stones from the opening shot of this post?


I spent some time exploring them with the macro lens.


Inside one of the holes there ...


... I found the remains of a pill bug.


The segmented exoskeleton looked like a piece of some futuristic machinery.


When I went on this excursion, I definitely didn't expect to find any Fungi-related material. Mushrooms can be occasionally found in springtime and summer, but autumn is the only good fungi season in this area.


An encounter with a species that I have never seen before was even less expected.


There is always something surprising and new to be seen in this area that I visited many times. Every day brings something new, and I never returned home without something cool to show.


About 10 kilometers from this place, on my way back home, I stopped again to photograph the vegetation by the road.


Patches of fresh green foliage and white flowers looked great among the prevalently barren branches. Just like the early autumn, the early spring brings some lovely color combinations to the shrubs and trees.



Welcome spring! The wonderful pictures of flora and fauna in your community begin anew :)


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Lovely green buds in spring day! Beautiful day for exploring for new things! Macro lens really opens up a whole new world of reality! I would need four pair of glasses to see those tiny details!lol


I really like mushrooms, especially those of the campion or pleurotus variety, and in Romania in our forests or on pastures there are many types of mushrooms, but if you choose to pick them yourself you have to distinguish them from the poisonous ones, I'm not good at that so I choose to buy them from the supermarket.

Yes, there is always some risk with wild mushrooms. I pick only a couple of species that I'm sure about.

How are you dear friend @borjan good afternoon
What beautiful mushrooms you have found, really those are not seen on this side of the world; Great shots, I appreciate you letting us know
Have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you. 🙂I also never saw them before. Have a great weekend.

Such a lovely natural environment!
Good shots @borjan.
The mushroom looks a bit different from what we have here in Nigeria, I will send in the shots we have here.
Have a lovely springtime!

The translucent shell is so delicate and luminous. I liked the water droplets too.

You are so thorough that you can find the mushrooms covered by the soil

You show a lot of great photography.
I really like the drip beside the sleepy moth that looks stuck in the silk thread.

Beautiful pictures look great, interesting walk very good, because it allows us to know a little more about nature. Greetings friend and keep exploring and knowing interesting things.

beautiful mushrooms photos it's a rare type in the world, it's like white flower.
I love green space

very beautiful scenery my friend

Beautiful mushroom and snail shells.

The captures of the mushrooms are pretty nice

all the photos you share are very good, I like the mushroom part the most, because I've never seen a mushroom like that and a tree that has green leaves among other tree branches is also very beautiful

are there many empty snail shells?

Yes, I saw a lot of them.