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The summer is officially over, and although the weather is still warm, even hot around noon, there is definitively more humidity ...


... and mushrooms are starting to appear. Not only in the deep shade of the woods, but in the sunny, open spaces as well.


Places like this long meadow surrounded by shrubs and small trees, situated about 15 kilometers from my hometown.


Today I spent only an hour or so there, so I didn't see many mushrooms, but I found this edible one - Agaricus campestris, closely related to the cultivated Agaricus bisporus found in supermarkets and similar environments. I saw only two of these mushrooms, not enough for a decent meal, so I took only the images and let the real Agaricus be. I dug a bit of the terrain around the mushroom to place the camera for what is now the opening shot of this post, and while carefully digging with bare hands ...


... I uncovered this folded millipede ...


... that started unfolding.


Very soon the millipede was on its way to another hidden, quiet place.


A bit later, near the edge of the meadow, I found these puff mushrooms. The Bovista dermoxantha puff mushrooms. These small mushrooms are edible when young, when the fruiting body is completely white, dense, and firm. Mushrooms on these photograph have passed that stage, you can see a bit of soft, yellow thing coming out of the crust. I let them be, of course.


This lovely yellow butterfly from the Pieridae family, the Colias croceus, was resting nearby.


Just a couple of meters from the butterfly, I came across an active millipede ...


... that was climbing on the vegetation. All the millipedes in this post are Pachyiulus varius millipedes. That's the name of the species.


I found one more mushroom before leaving the meadow.


This decaying Calvatia utriformis puff mushroom has released the spores.

And that's it. Just a short walk across the meadow. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


You have done a wonderful job! Cool photos. Both the mushroom and the butterfly are wonderful

Thank you :)

You show pictures amazing pictures.

@borjan nice mushroom and insects photography 👌

Post with very good details

The images you share are even more interesting than the movie
I am a nature lover
Every time I go to the forest with my friends, my friends cook or sleep and I leave myself in the forest and walk around like you to see these beautiful events up close.
But I still do not associate with worms and it can be said that I do not like them
I think I was a worm in the previous world 😁

Your skills in taking pictures are super, very high quality, I as a newcomer have a lot to learn from you.. thank you for sharing.

he is a great example of hivean, you definitely can learn from him a lot.... how to create awesome posts, not the least!

This Bovista dermoxantha puff mushroom looks very beautiful and attractive from the side of its small body....

How did you get the millipede to pose for you like that on the branch?

I did nothing. I found it in that pose.

They saw the camera and posed.

:D Some of them have that model instinct.

All the shots are absolutely amazing.😍

Thank you :)

Such an amazing and adorable shots you had taken 👌❤️
No words to explain the beauty of your pictures 👌👌

Ur laga le makkhan😂

Thank you :)

Beautiful photography very sharp 😲❤️