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One thing I have learned as a mom is to always get my mind open to anything at all that may arise on the part of the kids, especially at their growing-up stage. When it comes to their health, most times it doesn't give the signal, it just takes parents unaware and every other thing will not matter anymore. Even when we have a business deal to close or other important matters, all will be laid aside at that moment until the health of our young ones is stable. These are sacrifices mummies and daddies do most time for the good of the children.


My son and I

It's been a long holiday for students in different schools across the globe and just this September, many schools have resumed the year's academic session. My Son's school resumed today and just yesterday upon preparations to return to the school, he fell sick! All these while during the holiday, he has been so healthy and has wanted to go back to school and all of a sudden, he started throwing up and running temperature. I never planned for any hospital visits but rather made plans on how to pay school fees instead. To start with, I had to abandon every other plan I had for the day and took him to the hospital for laboratory tests and treatment. The lab results show that he had malaria 🦟 and some percentage of typhoid fever! They placed him on medication immediately and he is better now and ready for his academics.

I came back from the hospital and discovered that my second son has started running temperature. At this point, I did home medication 🤦🤦😂, but glad it worked! These children sometimes can put one under pressure but we will always find ways to scale through. Now, my fellow parents, how do you manage the health of your kids? Do you take them for regular check-ups in the hospital or get them treated in advance to avoid some unaware illness? Please share your experiences with me

Secondly, I went to the school to pick up some of his textbooks for the term already paid for and I discovered the school adopt book ahead method


My son is in primary 2, and going through the above textbooks, I discovered that English and Math textbooks for him are the ones meant for those in primary 3.


No wonder the school made it compulsory for parents to buy some textbooks via the school. I began to ask questions on why primary 2 students should use textbooks meant for primary 3 students and they said it's to get them equipped for what's happening around them so fast as the world keep evolving.

Well, it sounds convincing but then I would love if any parents who may have experienced the same to shed more light on this, please 🙏.

Thanks for reading!!!

Remember to keep staying positive and be happy 😊 💞🧡❤💖



Glad to know that both of them are fine. I give my children lots of multivitamin, fruits and vegetables. AA and Malaria are like 5 and 6 so I make sure they sleep under the mosquito net every night. Once the medication wear off,I replace it with a new one. I bought a circular one few weeks ago and the price was something else.

This feedback is helpful....thanks for this @amiableamara 💖💖💞😘

Quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. Haha, those books reminds me of my secondary school day. I think they are steps to getting acquainted with English and Mathematics.

Those reasonings will send your brain 🧠 to work... hahaha
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These children can be very funny a times, so sorry about his health hope he gets more better soon.

When i mean to treat them i do that in advance especially now that the mosquitoes are so much but if reverse is the case i treat them at once infact everyone will go for the same treatment unless the symptoms persist we go for test.

Then once a year we do a test especially sensitivity test which will help use know the drugs to go for or stop using.

For the books a like the method the school is using. Most private school adopt the learning in advance method because the pupils are graduated from primary 5.

I wish the kids the best this new academic year.

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Sometimes it's just so impossible to plan about health issues but I'm so happy you could take him to the hospital and get him treated. Maybe the other one fell sick because of his brother but it's a good thing you managed to get his temperature back to normal.

I've noticed that schools have recently started adopting that method of learning and it has been proven efficient.

I don't really have answers to your questions but when I have any situation that seems like I don't have a solution to, I just pray about it because I think that's the fastest way to get it solved.

Wow .... thanks for your kind words
I appreciate your feedback my dear
Hope you are good?

You're always welcome Ma'am, I'm happy you are happy, hehe.

I'm feeling better and you?

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That's good to know, I hope you have a beautiful day ahead.