A Way You Can Affect How Your Children Turn Out During Sex

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This is actually a compendium of many scientific theories that I have come up with in my time as a spare time Darwin. Some time ago I made this post about curved penises. There I took the reader on a journey that began by showing the positioning of the ovaries:

photostudio_1656255282566.jpg source

And the positioning of the penis during sex:

Obstacles-in-the-female-reproductive-tract-780x332.jpg.webp source

Now, because the ovaries are all the way on the right and on the left, the sperm has to travel to the right or left. But if the eggs were right there facing the entrance of the vagina the sperm would hit it immediately it is released without having to go left or right.

I also explained how curved penises that are curved to the right or the left are more suited to the impregnation business as their being faced to the right or left would give the sperm more of a direct route the ovaries and wouldn't have to travel much.

Today I've come to talk some more about these curved penises. (But surely there is something left for those without curved penises to learn, maybe you can find a way to face your [or your partner's if you're a woman] penis to the right or left if you want to mess with the theory I'll espouse today.)

So here is it:

Say, your penis is curved to the right you can see that your sperm would be landing on the ovary on the right during any sex position that has to do with both partners facing each other (missionary, cowgirl). While during an position that has to do with the man hitting it from behind (doggystyle) it would land on the left.

Many of us have the habit of ending in a particular position, usually our favourite position or that of our partner. What this means is that the sperm would end up landing on the direction that position provides everytime! So if it's missionary and the penis is curved to the right it means your sperm would be landing on the ovary to the right every time!

That means all your kids are coming from the eggs produced at the right side. And who knows if there's any little difference between the eggs made by the right and that of the left? It's very likely, you know. At least I wouldn't bet against it 🌚.

By now you should already be getting where I'm going with this which is: you might want to try the eggs on the right!

Especially if you're in need of something different, this is surely a good thing to try.

At the same time I bet this post sounds crazy 😂😂
These are the kind of thoughts I usually have, forgive me. I just gotta go with the flow, Geniuses are usually considered crazy, you know, so I seem to be right on track 😂. Maybe after a scientific research on whether the ones on the left and right are different I'll be given a noble prize for thinking about this.


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