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RE: A day in the clinic

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So it wasn't the teething process after all, those are symptoms as well.

I remember my neighbor's son vomiting every now and then during his teething period and sometimes the baby will fall so sick... It's scary though.

But I've also seen babies stooling a lot during teething period and I noticed the stool smell can be really bad at that time.

I've learned a few things from this post, thanks for sharing 👍


Most of those symptoms are not directly a result of teething. Once a baby starts crawling, extreme care has to be taken so that he/she does not put everything in their mouth. Most of the symptoms relating to stooling and vomiting are due to infections.

Hmm really? Now that's even more scary, I wonder if that was the case with my neighbor's child

Parents really need to be careful indeed

Many people just assume it is a teething issue and this belief has been passed from generation to generation.