Be careful with the content! Know the ideal limit !!!


Hello dear mommies, I hope you are all healthy and happy, this is a new opportunity that I want to take to share a topic of interest in raising our children.


The use of technology and screens during childhood is a topic that generates much debate, especially because of the possible benefits and proven harm to children's health. Because of this, how long should children be exposed to technological equipment, such as cell phones and tablets? Let's talk about how to control this use and how to use technology in the best possible way at each age.

Why control usage?

Parents should set limits on the use of cell phones, tablets and computers for a variety of reasons related to their children's health. Among them are a sedentary lifestyle and other problems related to lack of physical exercise and good nutrition, such as obesity. Still, there is talk of how screens affect sleep, worsen aggression and are related to the increase in cases of myopia in recent decades.

In addition, it is important to remember that the child's body is constantly developing, and that spending too much time in front of a screen can cause posture and even hearing problems.


Be careful with the content!

In addition to controlling the time children spend on technology, parents should restrict the content they consume. This measure prevents children from coming into contact with content that is inappropriate for their age.

Technology can also be an ally

Talk to your child about the dangers that exist on the Internet, but research and share with them the many ways they can learn to use technology. To do this, try to encourage them to make use of apps and games that are appropriate for their age group and that are educational.


The best way to control technology use is to explain the reason for the limitation and show children why. In addition, parents should lead by example and involve their children in activities that do not rely on screens. A good idea is to use their free time to do some program together or even enroll them in extracurricular activities, so they can develop different skills.

I hope it has been of your interest, thanks for reading me, see you next time.