My Recent Birth Experience

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Hello, my people on hive, this is my second post here. So today I am going to share my second baby birth experience.

I remember vividly two years ago, I was wheeled straight down to the theatre room for operation. A life inside my womb was about to come out to start a journey a life. On that faithful day I went for my antenatal appointment, getting to the hospital, lots of pregnant women like me were also present waiting to meet the doctor. So we had to go to the doctor's office turn by turn. It was now my turn to go in, getting there they were two doctors I am meeting for the first time at my later stage of pregnancy.

The doctor checked as usual but I was asked to go for scan. On getting to the scan unit I discovered that every other pregnant women that were ahead me when taking our turn were also present at the scan unit block meaning that it seems everyone has been directed to go for scan. I did my scan but little I know about the interpretation. I went back to the doctor to show him the scan result. The result showed that I am due, and labor process can begin at any time from that time day but it is advisable for me to go for caesarian section(cs) because the placenta is a little bit extended to the lower part of my cervix which means a low lying placenta.

To my own understanding of low lying placenta, is a situation whereby the placenta is at the lower down part of the cervix and which may cover some or all of the cervix _the entrance to the womb.

Low lying placenta occurs when the placenta extends into lower uterine segment and its edges lies too close to the internal os of the cervix, without covering it. The term is usually applied when the placental edge is within 0.5_5.0cm of the internal cervical os1(Dr Yuranga Some alternatively give the term when the placental edge is within 2cm from the internal cervical os5

source: wikkimedia common

Effects Or Its Complications

There is higher chance of loosing of bleeding during the baby's birth. The bleeding can be very heavy and can put both the baby and mother at risk. Therefore a caesarian section is advised.

My doctor advised that it is 50-50% by chance if I wait for labor to commence. My husband also present so we decided to opt in for cs which is both safe for the baby and I. I had to go back home to get my baby things.

The theatre was ready, I was wheeled down to the theatre room. My husband's hearth was raised, he knew me to be strong, but that moment he knows how scared I was. He moved closer and assured me that all would will well. He told me what he longed to hear from me, but I only replied by nodding incessantly with no word.

My mum has arrived with prayers, my husband also had to report to GOD, he started praying, and reciting every ayah of the Holy Quran that came to his head, with a faith to the most High. My mother who is restless also joined in prayers. I have entered the theatre room and have been on the stretcher, the doctor assured that every thing would be fine, the anasthesian was called upon and I was given analgesic.

That was all I knew because I was unconscious after some moment later, what I discovered was hearing a voice faintly, as I was opening my eye little by little. I can saw the ceiling, the theatre light and the doctors blurredly. I am regaining my consciousness back. At this time my throat was totally dry and this cough begun. I was cleaned up and taken to the ward. My mother was carrying the baby with happiness seen in all part of her body. The good news begun.

Now the little boy has taken to life, and doing well with every good thing thrown at him. He is a reflection of his daddy and the "most" stubborn boy I have ever had.

Every women has one or two stories to tell to bring fort life into existence because we do really go through a lot.

Thank you all for reading.


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Do you know, if you have a c section, do all future birthings have to be done by c section too?

Sorry for the late response please, I have been out of network services for some time due to some reasons .
Yes I had a c_section and that doesn't imlpies that all future birthings have to be it.There is what is called 'viginal birth after c_section'(VBAC).This is very much possible if the mother have a very healthy pregnant afterward and also if the incision I mean the cut is a low transverse

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Thank you!

Really? This is not what I can see here. Do you mind clarifying why you stated this? Thanks in advance. Note that this is not my field at all and I may be incorrect. Feel free to point me to the right sources if needed.

Is this question directed to me? I was asking the author of the post, because, in real life, I often hear women state this: they say that after you have a c section, all future deliveries must be done by c section. And I was wondering if it's just an ubran myth.

The "Risks to future pregnancies" section of the link you sent, says "Most women who have had a caesarean section can safely have a vaginal delivery for their next baby, known as vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). But sometimes another caesarean may be necessary."

Note the 'most' and 'sometimes'! I wonder if there's a causal connection, i.e. if having a c section increases the chances that your next delivery must be done by c section too.

Ah, I think you thought I was making a statement, not asking a question!

I indeed misread your statement that I didn't consider as a question. Sorry about this!

In the link I shared, they state that in general, one c section does not imply a "c-section-only" state for the next pregnancies. This is the only thing I wanted to point out. Glad we clarified. Let's wait for the author interfering with us.