Infant Grey Headedness: A Birth Defect Or Something More?

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I have been left in deep thoughts since two days ago when hubby discovered that among the hairs on our baby's head is a grey hair 😐.

While it may signify old age in aged people, I have been very confused as to what it means for my baby whose health we've been managing seriously recently. Could it be a health problem, a birth defect or anything else?

Who'll help with my confusions? 😔 Have you experienced anything close to it? Please share your thoughts.

Can you spot the grey hair?

Thanks for your supports and encouragements.


Saludos @goodysam, espero que te encuentres bien. Como padres nunca dejamos de sorprendernos y éste tema en los niños no es extraño pero tampoco es normal. Mi hija también tiene una cana, aunque fue un poco raro verla, al mismo tiempo pensé en la genética o herencia, porque también tengo muchísimas canás y desde muy joven las tengo, quizá desde niña pero no me dí cuenta. El caso es que más allá de la vejez, en mi hija seguramente puede ser un tema de herencia, también no se puede descartar la falta de melanina que es el pigmento que da color al cabello, y las causas de ésta aparición según las investigaciones puede ser estrés o hábitos inadecuados en la alimentación, lo que en lo particular mi niña a pesar de todo se alimenta bien y no tiene ningún estres, por eso me inclino por el tema de lo hereditario.

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Greetings @goodysam, I hope you are well. As parents we never stop surprising ourselves and this issue in children is not strange but it is not normal either. My daughter also has a gray hair, although it was a bit strange to see it, at the same time I thought about genetics or heredity, because I also have a lot of gray hair and I have had it since I was very young, maybe since I was a child but I didn't realize it. The fact is that beyond old age, in my daughter it could probably be an inheritance issue, also the lack of melanin cannot be ruled out, which is the pigment that gives color to the hair, and the causes of this appearance according to the investigations can be stress or inappropriate eating habits, which in particular my girl, despite everything, eats well and does not have any stress, that's why I lean towards the hereditary issue.