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RE: How do you wean your babies off breastfeeding?

in Motherhood4 months ago

I’ve not had any personal experiences though but the one I’ve seen is gradual weaning…. I remember how my cousin was weaned at 1year old. My aunt started introducing soft diets and I guess she was lucky because he loved the foods and gradually, he stopped searching for nipple at every chance he got.

I’m looking forward to the comments on this post so I can learn too..


I guess more babies actually stopped breastfeeding spontaneously than I initially thought. Let's see more comments.

BTW, why are you being downvoted by spaminator?

I think so too…

About spaminator…. I posted last weekend and it was flagged. I took it down though and apologized . But, I noticed since then Spaminator downvotes everything I post…. Comments, posts… and I don’t know what else to do.
I’m still trying to get a hang of Hive so I’m stuck sha.

Do you know if there’s a way I can appeal again?

It seems they don't downvote your main post. So, you should be fine. You have been given a second chance. Don't make the mistake of plagiarizing again. There won't be a 3rd chance.

They downvote my main post too…..

Yes… thank you