Blessing or Destructive Approaches of Science...

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Do you believe that there are some situations in this world that can't be described in words, you can only feel that. Sometimes science can't define those situations even they can't explain what exactly happening here and there. That reminds me of unsatisfied souls, religion makes us believe in a lot of things but if you consider science, you will think twice. As I have said, some situations are strange and unexplainable, so most people don't believe in those, many will call superstitions, many will say it's in your head. Maybe you are becoming crazy, don't think too much. I feel some situations are unnatural, strange, and against the law of nature. They are unusual and unexplainable and against our lifestyle. We only feel those and sometimes those unnatural forces make us believe in them.

My granny used to believe in superstitions, for example, she used to say, don't go out after sunset (especially girls), and if you go out, tie your hair as well. Don't eat fish on Thursday, don't throw waste/garbage after sunset, etc. These were her belief and some members of my family used to respect her opinion. Maybe some believed in her belief and some did because of respect. I don't know exactly. But I do believe that strange things happen in our life which can't be described through words.

A few days ago, I started watching a web series called Stranger Things on Netflix. Due to my back pain issue, I had to lie down on the bed most of the time so I decided to finish some web series. The story was nice, kinda strange, and had reminded me of Insidious Chapters. I don't know any superpower exists in this world or not but it's fun to watch such a Sci-Fi series. I don't believe in monsters, horror creatures but I do believe that because of technology, unusual creatures can be created. Thanks to science and maybe after 500-1000 years, we will see some unusual creatures on the earth.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts, perhaps the effects of watching Sci-Fi series...


There was a certain period of my life when I used to read a lot of science fiction books, mostly stories, written by Jafar Iqbal. He is one of my favorite sci-fi writers and still now whenever I get time, I read his books. When I was 15 years old, I came to know about cloning, human cloning that is illegal now. I read about it in one of his books and I was so curious about it. That time I haven't think about it too much but now I feel that cloning is against the law of nature. Can you imagine your clone that also exists on this earth? Can you imagine another YOU? I don't know whether I can accept that now or not.

Because of the advanced level of science and technology, many animals are dying. No matter how much a product says that it is cruelty-free, I don't believe in that 100%. Most Biological researches need a subject and who or what can be the subjects that are the main question. Either human or poor, innocent animals. Advance technology is a blessing for us, making our life easy. Those who are unable to become parents or unable to give birth to a child, because of surrogacy or advanced technology, can have a test-tube baby now.

These are just examples of the real world, many of them are from an imaginary level. We don't know whether cloning still exists in this world or not, it's illegal so we will never know about it. Most of the researches are confidential and we all are aware of that too.

Probably one day I will see another Me suddenly; who knows right... Maybe after 100 years, we will see the destructive mode of science or probably, the blessing of science...We don't know yet...




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There are things that we don't see but that exist. When science and technology become more advance, we will get an explanation about those. Maybe the science has not reached that level yet.

Has anyone seen the color of air? But we know it exists and we feel it.

Exactly... Maybe one day we will see a lot of new things which we never expected... :D

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