Machine Learning: wonders of science

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Machine Learning (ML) is a part of Information Technology field that can affect everyone.

Due to ML nowadays programs can do really wonderful things that old time people were be able to interpret as magic.

One time Bill Gates said that if your business does not exist in Internet then you are do not exist in business. It seems that soon this rule will be apply regarding to machine learning.

Such trend of science allows to predict future and to recognize objects, write poetry and even draw pictures!

Recently was sold picture for 432 000$!!! This picture was drawed by neural network.
Neural network is one of technologies of ML.

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ML allows to developers to create recommendation systems that can advice goods in markets, help you in shopping, learning, etc. It is an important attribute of nowaday business.

Main principle of Machine Learning is a training on data. We are creating model that can predict some values, classify objects, divide some entities on groups.

Model is a special algorithm with customizable params that are customizing during training process.

We use old data of someone process and it helps to our ML algorithm to understand pattern of work and make predictions for future data for this process.

Some patterns help to us to undestand dynamic of something and figure out behaviour of the process in future.

I am recently started learn Machine Learning and I'm constantly surprises to thing that can be available due to ML.