Snow Quartz w Purple Pyrite.

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Yesterday I popped open some Snow Quartz and found some really nice Pyrite. Wow! Look at that purple! [There was also some other stuff mixed into the samples like copper]. Quartz crystals are famous for housing metals like Pyrite and Gold. It's rare to find big veins of gold in quartz, but it happens sometimes. This sample is too small to have much value, but it is very beautiful.


Absolutely you can find Gold hiding in that pyrite. In fact there are acid test solutions that melt the courts as well as the pyrite leaving the gold shining.

Yeah you are right. I've been doing tons of research and asking around. Finding actual veins of gold in quartz is rare. You basically have two options, breaking down quartz and processing it, or panning rivers. There's a river by my house but it's not near a bend so I need to go down river and try to find a public area with a bend.

See that orange stuff by the purple? That's totally copper its not rust. The backside of the pyrite is totally green from copper.

Look at Dave McCracken. He is an author. Yep it's either hard rock or placer.

Either crush and get what you can or process the broken up stuff.

Or... Leeching... That's a catastrophe. But also shows how the Incan and Aztecs made so much gold.

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