I'm working on a new funny DApp with Web3 Technology!

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Oh! and by the way... ¿Are you by chance getting older?

But hey, let's leave the answer about aging for later at the end of this post. And let's now go on to describe in depth on what consists this new Web3 DApp that I'm working on lately and that have me so busy and excited coding during these few days.

I will try to be as descriptive as possible. Because in fact, I think this is a brilliant idea as the ones I've never have had in a long time. And that in my opinion, nowadays it promises to become into an authentic bestseller and into an instant success as soon as I finish developing it and of which I suspect no one can afford not to have a copy of it running in their freaking smartphones. ¿Would you like to be an early adopter?

Ok, say no more. That right away I will give you all the details of this "work of art" in the Web3 world so that your mouth start watering just thinking that you can be one of these fortunate early adopters of this little piece of impressive software that will revolutionize the world and that will takeover the human mind by storm.

Alright, but first of all I have to admit that at the moment it is just a proof of concept in which I am working on while simultaneously I am also testing a series of very simple and basic but also a heap of quite complicated social algorithms so that they won't allow not even the most single error in its ambitious operation.

Although what is actually my highest aspiration and what truly encourages and drives me to share this revealing post with you here today, it is no more than my hope that most of you will help me with your appreciated feedback to decide if I should create this gem of Web3 DApp from scratch and standalone or if should I just aim to create it as a software plugin, widget or portable addon that can be invoked and executed from the largest number of the most famous and popular instant messaging apps that everyone already has installed in their freaking smartphones.

I've already done some tests. And at the moment it seems to work fine and without many glitches running within Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat and more and less well also in Discord Mobile so far. Oh! and by the way. I would really appreciate if any of my avid readers could also give me some feedback about what other popular mobile instant messaging apps, besides the ones already mentioned, it would be worthwhile to also include in the list that my Web3 plugin eventually could support.

Well, you know, just in case I don't decide to dive even deeper into programming & coding and end up creating an entire new highly sophisticated, modern and up-to-date instant messaging application for today and the days yet to come that runs standalone inside your freaking smartphones for ever.

Yeah, because I still haven't visualized or decided yet which of the two software formats would make me filthy rich quicker. ¿Should I program this thing as a plugin to run inside other popular apps or as a fully standalone Web3 DApp? Well, the decision is all yours brothers. I'll just wait for your appreciated wise feedback.

Well, enough preamble and introductions with so much intrigue and suspense huh? Give me the details! give me the details of its operation so we can give you our feedback!

That's what must of you probably are all thinking at this very moment. Right?

And yeah, I listen and obey. So pay close attention to what I am going to describe from now on. That this will mark a milestone in the history of science, technology, psychology, philosophy, social sciences, computing and in the blockchain.

Its operation is as follows. With an outstanding and singular feature so far that makes it already unique and desirable among all the mobile instant messaging applications that you could have dreamed of or imagined in your entire life to have at the control of your fingertips. Something that will suddenly and unexpectedly turn you into some kind of demi-god if used properly. An infallible software tool that will provide you with the qualities of a soothsayer, a mind reader or a mind hacker.

You only have to then choose which of these formidable qualities, abilities, skills or powers you would like to develop the most through practice. It doesn't matter if at first it's just digital skills or computer aided powers for a while. I assure you that in a short time you will be able to perform these same abilities applied on other human beings without even have to use your freaking smartphone anymore. Believe me!

Alright! are you ready for this exclusive reveal?
Okay, fasten your seat belt, that here we come!

The operation is quite simple. What currently does my funny DApp with Web3 Technology until the moment, is simply add a sort of clipboard or scrapbook to your current favorite instant messaging app in your phone where you can previously write in advance the true "final message" that you really want to send to your interlocutor on the other side of the conversation. Yeah, I know, nothing genius or spectacular here yet. But wait just a moment that now comes the good part.

But what you didn't know or were unable to imagine yet. It is that my Web3 DApp (if I decide to make it just a plugin) it also adds a button with a checkmark function that you can activate or deactivate as you wish in any of those popular chat apps already in your phone like Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat and Discord mobile. And when activating this function, this would allow that the other person on the other side of the line to see and read exactly what you type as you type it letter by letter in real time and thus give them the chance to start thinking about what they will reply.

Aha! but this is where the novelty of my formidable Web3 DApp comes if you use it wisely & intelligently as it should be. Because I suppose you really want to acquire the abilities and the qualities of a soothsayer, a mind reader or a mind hacker right?

Ok, the awesome power that this function has, it's the fact that when you have finished writing everything you have written and that you already know and are aware that the person on the other side of the conversation has already read it all beforehand. And they probably had already the time to think and making their minds up in the answer that they will give you according to what you had written.

Then, you instantly deactivate the function before click send and quickly cut & paste what you had previously stored in the clipboard/scrapbook that says exactly the opposite and contrary to what you had already written and which you know that your interlocutor already read. And then, that's when you actually send the message. Isn't this fun? Isn't this an unique feature you've always wanted in your phone? I can assure you that this feature nowadays could give you almost supernatural superpowers in this short attention span communicational world.

Well, I guess that what I already described at least covers the funny part of the feature of my DApp with Web3 Technology as indicated in the title of this post. And if you wonder why I call it a DApp and why I'm assigning Web3 properties to it right now.

Then just wait until the part for when I finish to program it to fully incorporate the Hive blockchain to tokenize it and make all of this a totally immutable experience in which you can earn money for always being confused when establishing contact with your peers. And if I achieve it, I will publish it in a next post. ¡Wish me luck! :)

Very good, now I'm sure you can answer the question with which I started this post.

¿Are you by chance getting older?

Uhm ok, let me check your sense of humor now that you have been so brave to read until here and help you a bit with that question by giving you some clues to know if you are getting old or not. But this time we are going to make it short and strictly audiovisual so you don't have to read so much. ¿Do we agree with this? Ok, ¡let's do it!

"How You Know You're Getting Older"

¿Are you still a Millenial?

¡Have everyone a happy and giggly weekend!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Cranky Gandalf



Gonna be hard to burn that thing at both ends if it's floating in water.

I guess it's all going to depend on the wick. As well as on the wit of each one who will use my prodigious Web3 DApp in the near future on either side/extreme of a conversation. LoL


Then @mondoshawan. Would you be willing to install my new Web3 DApp as a full standalone chat application on your freaking smartphone? Or would you prefer that I offer it as a great and powerful plugin that you can add to your current favorite chat application that you already use in your phone?

Hahahahahahaha... lets say you offer me the plugin which then installs the whole freakin' bug-lication. Oh, sorry forgot, i do not have any mobile-or-whatsoever-phone at all... may you create a windows desktop plugin... though i'm neither supporting any gaytes or other jobs. shit... just drop it into my oblivion sandbox so i can at least test it out there.

Oh perfect! well, let me tell you that you are lucky. Because two months ago I was already working on a kickass standalone version of my DApp for linux in various presentations to choose from. Since I had recently seen a post from an user here on Hive who uses a mobile phone running a version of Linux OS. And since I had already half developed the desktop version for Linux, it just seemed logical to me to develop the mobile version as well.

Check it out!


But then I realized that there weren't many instant messaging applications available for this operating system yet. And since my intention is to get filthy rich from the sale of my Web3 DApp as soon as possible. Then I decided to stop its development for a while and just focus on the Android and iOS version for now.

But if you're willing to serve me as a guinea pig and beta tester for this early Linux version, just let me know and I'll spend a bit of more time on its development in the next few days. ;o)

Okee dokee, that sounds reasonable... if you send me a mobile phone for that purpose, since i'm already filthy poor. And i promise i wont sell it to get me a hot meal or two.

At the same time i got the feeling that you found a lost case with myself, since my brain is just too stubborn to become a HomoBorg and share some important information out of my life, say like my bowel movements just for the sake of making a worthless crypto coin. But thanks anyway.

BTW, IMHO to your mentioned user many things might be quite difficult, not easy to live as a magister, though nice from him to suggest a pine cone phone... probably lives already much to long "off" of the grid. :D


Oh wait, it's not magister, it's wizard... no!

You must be having long queue of people waiting for this

And they better join in the queue quickly to become early adopters.

Because once the Hive blockchain features had been incorporated within this funny DApp and its processes had been fully tokenized so that they start earning moolah for being confused all the time. Downloading my DAapp online will cost them 10x more do$h than at the beginning.