03-08-2022: ¿Has there been a spike in activity on Hive today?

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Well, today is International Women's Day. Is it not?

And they love to chat and gossip all the time, especially on their day. Isn't it true?

And then there are also those who love online streaming games too much. Correct?

And those who love to attend & interact in live shows on their favorite topic. Right?

And those who love to speculate and give financial advice to everyone. Am I wrong?

But above all, those who love and always have extra time to bombard everyone with spam about their preferences and financial advice in chats. Have you noticed?

Well, the thing is that for some strange reason... ¿I don't know why? I had a feeling that during today there was going to be an exponential increase in articles, comments and interaction in general in Hive to have interesting things to read. And above all, from which we potentially could inspire us to create even more content.

And that's why I ask the question that appears in the headline of this post!

Well, let's just wait and see what the stats masters and veteran HiveSql query users of Hive have to say and report about the engagement figures on March 08, 2022.

Again, for some strange reason I had the hunch that today there was going to be an increase in content, comments and interaction in general in our beloved deferred opinion exchange platform. Where very few peeps actually read! Hahaha

But what the heck, so far I haven't noticed any change in the amount and type of posts people are posting on Hive. Perhaps due to the fact that today is International Women's Day and everyone is rather creating their mellow song lists on Spotify to play them at night to celebrate with their female loved ones in intimacy.

Uhm... what the heck could I know? ¡This is just an idea! Although there could be many other reasons too. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention and I should open my eyes way more. But in any case. Here I'm gonna leave this thingy below for you to take a look at it just to see what you think about why my strange hunch today. };)


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We've had one of our busiest days on this community, I don't know if that counts.

Thank you for posting in our COMmunity!

I can imagine bros! Although I hope you were busy always with a big smile drawn in your face. :)