Day 20 Part 05 Blogging Challenge: Under The Knife


Liposuction has always been appealing to me ever since I found out what it meant. I came across it years ago watching Dr 90210 and it was always so fascinating how fat can be vacuumed out of the body in a matter of minutes. My initial dream of wanting to be a surgeon was actually fueled by watching cosmetic surgery shows and I hoped to study and practice it.

As much as I wanted to hold the knife, I thought about going under the knife too. Science has offered us an opportunity to alter our bodies faster if we wanted to, so why not?!

Apart from it being expensive, I do not like pain. I couldn't even get a tattoo if I wanted, talk more, surgery. I love my body when it's chubby and skinny, the only thing I would want to alter are my chubby cheeks. My cheeks are fatter than the rest of my body and whenever I lose weight, it seems like my head doesn't match my body.

A liposuction on my face might just be a temporary solution because it seems the calories always prefer going to my face first. Imagine sucking the fat out and my cheeks become full again two weeks later 😄

It's nothing of concern really but if I ever considered manning up to get something done, it'd be my chubby cheeks.

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Lol, I wouldn't advice you working on your check if the opportunity comes. There is something about us that makes us unique that even if we add or loose weight, it doesn't change in us and I think for you your check is part of it.

For me, I don't like pain, neither do I love to see marks on my body so been under a knife its a Capital Letter NO for me

Yeah my cheeks are a trademark but sometimes it gets too big

The marks heal, that's not a problem

I do hope so