Earliest Childhood Memory #20

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Hello and welcome to my blog, this is @daniky. This is day 20 of my entry to the 30 days blogging challenge, an initiative of the #bloggingchallenge community. Kindly follow me as i share with you my Earliest Childhood Memory.


My childhood memory was indeed, one of the most interesting and adventurous moments i had when i was a child. I was known to be very social as an extrovert, having friends, play computer games, go for competition football, travel on advents and so on. Among these memories, one of my earliest
and remarkable Childhood Memory was when I travelled with my dad to visit my grannies at my hometown. It was really an adventurous moment having to see my paternal grandpa and grandma who are both late now.



My grannies were best of lovers, they love each other with so much passion that the love extended to the entire children of the family neighborhood. I was privileged to spent a year with my (late) grannies and learnt a lot of new things and self discipline. I learnt how to farm and care for poultries. I got to know new fresh fruits I've never seen before and i was well cared for.

I'll like to stop here for now, i hope you've gotten to know my earliest childhood moment now.

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I didn't have much interaction with my grandmother, because she has like 13 grandchildren and I was like the no 10, she paid more attention to the first ones, and my parents really didn't take me much to their house, I guess they are antisocial hahahaha but how nice to see other people's stories.


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