Blogging Challenge: "Top Things on Your Bucket List" #28

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Hello and welcome to my blog, this is @daniky. This is my 28th entry to the 30 days blogging challenge, an initiative of the #bloggingchallenge community. Kindly follow me as i share with you the topic on Top things on my bucket List


Base on economics, there is a terminology refered to the Scale of Preference. This helps out to outlines our needs according to the priority. I will only outline my needs on the hive blockchain in order of priority thereby, discosing the top things in my bucket List.

1. Building my Hive Earnings
I know this cannot be attained by magic but hardwork, commitment, passion and discipline. It wasn't an easy experience having to start building my hive account from $0 level few months back in June. Though I'm yet to attain the level of hivepower i wish for due to my post rewards, but I'm gradually moving. I've never bought hive with my physical cash, but mined it to the level it is today and with the help of my wonderful supporters on hiveblog, I've made some reasonable cashout needed for some urgent needs and buying of cryptos. Blogging on hive is not an easy task as many had quit Blogging on the platform due to low level of upvote and unrecognition.

2. Building my Leo Earnings
Leo is one among the crypto tokens to be of a very high market capitalization. This crypto is powered by the hive blockchain technology and runs its platform known the leofinance community. Leo is said to be seen as the future of cryptocurrencies on the hive blockchain and is gaining massive ground by the day with more trends on the hive blockchain. So Leo among my topmost list in my bucket.

3. Invest on Sport
To many, this will definitely look strange, but the fact is that aside from sport being seen as an act of game, sport is also another crypto tokens in the crypto space. Sport is trending at the moment and might likely moon more than its current market cap.

4. Building my Stempower
STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. There are two Communities on hive utilizing the STEM as an additional token which are the #Stemgeeks and #Stemsocial. Report or posts on sciences, technology, engineer and mathematics are welcome to both stemsocial and stemgeeks.

5. Building my Neoxag Power
The Neoxian community is very wonderful community on hive that have its own community interface, utilizing the neoxag as it's crypto token. There's likelihood Neoxian will appreciate in value any moment from now, hence the need to build more neoxag power for the future sake.

I will like to stop here now, I believe you've been able to know the top things in my bucket list. Just know that my list are longer than this but these listed once are my topmost of my order of priority . Thank you for stopping bye and do have a wonderful moment.

My appreciation goes to the #bloggingchallenge team (@cwow2, @tripode and @starstrings01) for this wonderful initiative. Interested #hiveans are invited to this #bloggingchallenge. So join the revolution and earn daily rewards. Thank you.

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