Another Day of Life - Time lapse captured video on GoPro Hero5 with chest mount.

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Testing out the chest mount for my GoPro Hero5 to see if its comfortable to use in long periods of use outdoors while doing some basic activities.
Just a simple day of my life in Georgia USA... nothing special just doing errands and checking stuff out. :)
The original GoPro Chest mount by the way is a great buy for those who would like to do similar views as this video.
First person cam that is sturdy and comfortable. I approve!

This is the one I used in the link below.

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Oh! It looks awesome!! I have the GoPro Hero white and I’m never sure If it’s gonna have enough definition for today’s devices!! I’m gonna make a try! Your video looks great!

Thanks!~ and for sure its kind of fresh to see what I do in my daily life when seen with time lapse. Its pretty neat to see it in a different perspective~~ almost like a "soul" cam. Hehehehe.

Try it out~ its pretty fun to see at the end of the day. Also test a few clips with different time lapse settings and choose which one you like. I realized depending on what I am capturing it can move too slow or too fast. Cheers~