The Reality of how Massive Wind Farms truly are

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I have need been up close to a wind farm and when I found and wind farm field I decided to check it out up close. I was just in awe........... They are crazy crazy ultra super mega big........ Not only the sound but also the sound of when each blade passes by...... it is so beautiful yet so scary!!!! But its so beautifull!!! Agghhhh its so hard to describe it!!! :)

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There is one about 30 minutes near where I live. It is a large field of windmills like these. At. Ight it is pretty neat so see because they have the red lights in the top. They say that Mission Impossible II had some scenes filmed there.

MI2 scenes?? Wow that must have been pretty scary. hahahaha. :)

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look it's beautiful. I wonder if it is possible to build a house under these wind energy columns?