Crystal Rock Pool Norfolk Island.

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Norfolk Island is 1500km East of Brisbane Australia and is part of the Queensland government. Which seems crazy I know as the island is located 1400km above New Zealand.
It was first a penal colony for the British some 200 years ago but the history is a whole another story that I will save for later blogs.

This blog however is about the Crystal rock pool which is located on the south west part of the island.
And my God is the place just bliss!


This rock pool is the perfect spot for a swim. It is beautiful but can also be extremely dangerous so just make sure you go at low tide as the water is very rough out here and will wash you out to see in a second any other time.



Getting to the crystal rock pool
Enter the national park then make your way down the dirt road to the bottom of the hill.

This is where you will be greeted with a dangerous for swimming and
Enter at your own risk sign.



As I assume this sign is here for some reason, it is a story I would like to hear one day. None the less we pass the sign then start our descent down to the rocky cliff bottom.



Now the night before we had the most rain the island has had in the past year. So the ground was extremely soaked and super slippery.
There is a rope to help you get down the mountain
Which was definitely needed as it was just mud and steep rock. So getting down made it a little bit tricky at first.


There are 4 different ropes to help you ascend before you finally make it to the bottom.


Then a quick scurry across the volcanic boulders




until you find yourself at this breath taking crystal clear rock pool.


There are two rock pools here. Both are beautiful and full of coral and fish.


Climbing ontop of the surrounding rocks makes for the perfect angle of these rock pools.


It is the perfect location for a swim and there wasn't a single person in sight. Especially since we were the youngest tourist on the island, as they market the island to retirement folk.


So the island is the perfect spot to explore all the hidden gems which are off the beaten track.


Like I said earlier make sure you go to these rock pools at low tide, not long after we got out of the rock pool, the waves started crashing over the rocks.


And a huge amount of water was running through the pools then out to sea. With each wave more and more water would rush through. So it was time we left and headed back to the bottom of the mountain for safety.


Heading back up the ropes was alot easier then going down as it wasn't as slippery.



Wow what a great little adventure this was. And definitely one of my highlights from Norfolk Island!

Stay tuned for more blogs about Norfolk Island.
As always happy travels😊



These rock pools sure were amazing 😍😍 cant wait to go back there again one day!

They were so good! We will definitely head back there one day!

I wish we were here right now!

I was going to tell a joke about hominy.
But it was too corny.

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Such incredible beauty there, I love the thought of having to use ropes to get down, my wife on the other hand would be no way I am not going down there lOL

Haha yeah the ropes were a bit intimidating for @terrybogan at first, but was so worth it once we got down to the rock pools.

those rock pools looked amazing and well worth venturing down the ropes

so nice to see. i had a norfolk island pine tree once and that was all i knew about the place. thanks for sharing

There are lots of pine trees on the island. They have a pine tree even on their flag. I share some more blogs about Norfolk Island soon 😊 thanks for stopping by 👍

Wow love the place and its crystal clear waters!

The island is amazing to explore and the water is so clear it sure is paradise 😊

It is ! I'm envious

It is ! I'm envious

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Oh wow thank you very much🤙 I'm glad you enjoyed the rock pools post! It sure is a beautiful place!

It's amazingly beautiful.. Thank you for sharing. 😊

It sure is a beautiful spot to relax in the water😊

Wow ,nature is beautiful...@vcclothing

Yes it sure is 😊