Valencia - fusion of arts, science and nature

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Valencia is one of those cities where I would probably like to live. It's no secret that I love the vibe of big cities, but in the long run, it's the smaller cities and quieter surroundings that bring peace. That's why we live in a small town, but every time we go to visit our friends in Valencia, I think how nice it would be to fully live the experience of this city, day by day. Although our friends live here, two days ago we visited this beautiful city for another reason. We met a fellow Hiver from Amsterdam that is currently on vacation here with his family. The boys didn't really make some clear plans, if I may say, the hour when we were supposed to meet stayed an enigma. In the end, it was clarified but we had some extra time to stroll in the place called The City of Arts and Sciences and the Turia Garden before the mini hive meet-up happened.


Our starting point was the parking lot by Oceanogràfic, which is the biggest underwater aquarium in Europe. I have some pending stories, photos and videos from there, from our latest visit, I just have to organize the material (yes- a nice excuse to leave it for almost a year without working on it 😬). The next building that we saw in the complex of The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) was Agora - this blue building.


Maybe the most interesting building in this complex is the Science Museum which was designed by Santiago Calatrava. It has a didactic and interactive way of showing the exposed material, and what was interesting to me is to read the description that it is forbidden not to touch, and not to feel. You know, usually, you should not touch anything in museums, but this is the complete opposite of an ordinary one. For a better picture, you can take a virtual tour on the web.


Museu de Les Ciències:


Following the path, we see the next two buildings that are coming after the museum. The round, smaller one is Hemisfèric, and it was actually the first building in this complex that was inaugurated (in 1998). Several years ago we watched a 3D movie here, I remember the flying dinosaurs coming close to me and flying by our heads quickly. Oh, well, it was just an effect, although seemed real. 😂


The bigger building, behind Hemisfèric is the Palau de Les Arts (Palace of Arts). If you want to take a look, here is a video which can take you into the world of concerts and opera.


We are seeing back toward the museum and what was funny is that there were small boats that you could use (I guess rent out, I didn't ask). For me it's silly, as it is not even a lake, it is a shallow pool. Ok, tastes are not to be discussed.


Mipiano in action. Pretending to be a tourist, but actually without very good skills in photography. But I have fun, it counts as a plus.



In the continuation of this complex, there is a park. The Turia Garden or Turia park, is one of the largest urban parks in Spain and I can tell you, we walked and walked and we didn't make even half of the whole route. It is nine kilometres long actually.



As it was Saturday, a lot of people were spending their time there. Everywhere I looked I saw people sitting and laying on the grass, enjoying the sun, a snack, a talk... If I would live here, I would do the same!


A girl hanging on a rope and doing I think yoga. If I am mistaken and you know what she is doing, please feel free to correct me.


Throughout the whole park, there were little rivers and ponds. They are not very deep though.


In the past, this area wasn't a park at all. The river Turia used to flow here, and now this area has been turned into this awesome green spot that gives more air to the city. However, there are still bridges that were built during the time the river was flowing here. There are 18 bridges in total.




Probably the most exciting spot in this huge park was the piano I found!

I was thrilled!

A piano made of metal construction, and it even had keys. I tried to play it, but all the music that came out were metal clicking sounds :D


Instead of playing the piano, I decided to hid behind it. The bad thing is that I am not as thin as the grids are, so I can be seen there. Just half-hidden mipiano.


Magic. I disappeared completely :D


So, the keys were not all in working condition, but as I said they can be played actually. Of course, a silent kind of piano, as it is just an artwork in the park, but still it was not to be missed by me.


After my piano adventure, we continued our walk while waiting for the company. We came across several nice spots in the park before we reached the meeting point (Gulliver Park) with the fellow Hiver.



Children had a few little parks where they can play, like this one. However, the most interesting playground was the next one...


... Gilliver!

Believe me or not, I was like a child a few years ago when I came with a friend of mine. I climbed and tried out all the slides! This time I stayed more formal and was not pretending to be a child.


Huge slides and ramps all around this monumental sculpture:



His hand. Unfortunately, Gulliver is so big (or we are too small) that I couldn't take a photo of the entire monument and playground, but here you can get a better idea. Click here to visit it!


We took a seat on one bench and waited for the company we met a few moments later. Then together, we headed to the city centre of Valencia and found ourselves in the middle of a procession and some issues that it brought, but this is for another occasion to be told.



Spain is one of the countries that I explored less than I would like to. Frankly, I have only visited Barcelona. I loved the city but didn't get a chance to see more. I'm surprised to see these modern constructions. Valencia to me sounds very traditional.

It's great that you got to meet somebody from Hive! And also that you helped them go around 🙂

Can you actually play piano? I wish I could 🙂

Great photos! Thank you for sharing!

Barcelona is a must, that is true but there are so many other cities in Spain that would steal your heart :)) Whether big historical centres or small hidden gems, there is always a nice spot to be discovered.

Valencia has its history and culture, they preserve its language and all the traditional values but also decided to build this complex and keep track of innovation.

Hive meetups are cool :))
You probably met two of these guys in HiveFest.
I met several Hivers, from different countries in Europe... when we travel and know someone, we try to meet.

Yes, I can play the piano. I am a pianist 😉

Thank you for coming with us to Valencia through this post @delishtreats.

I believe you 🙂 if I get a chance to travel to Spain again, I will explore it much more.

Oh, that's nice. I have only met a few Hivers outside of HiveFest but it is a good idea to start meeting them while traveling.

Ha ha ha 😂 not my brightest moment! Mipiano, now it's clear 😉

Have a lovely day!

We are still exploring it too, and still have the pink glasses on our eyes ;)

Mipiano, now it's clear 😉

Yes :))

Thank you, and a lovely evening to you 😎

Muy interesantes esas vistas. Y lo del museo también. Nunca había escuchado ese tipo de prohibición en uno.
Usted siempre atenta a los detalles, señora @mipiano 💯👏🏼

So, the keys were not all in working condition, but as I said they can be played actually. Of course, a silent kind of piano, as it is just an artwork in the part, but still it was not to be missed by me.

No one should worry about those little details. Even silent pianos like that have music, in short, as you rightly say, they are works of art.


Oops, thanks to your quote I see that I had a typo haha, an artwork in the part had to be an artwork in the park 😂

I guess that part of the sentence sounded a bit dumb in Spanish 😅

Thank you for your observations @nanixxx 🎶🎶

I confess that the first impulse I had was to edit it myself, but that's not possible hahahaha....
Anyone can miss a typo, don't worry. That's how I must sound in English, silly.

I confess that the first impulse I had was to edit it myself, but that's not possible hahahaha....

ocd - squared


Tú me conoces, solo mira las ediciones de mis posts. Igual me vencen. Así que... Hay que aprender a vivir con eso.

Lindo día! Sigo con el jardín. Y hoy vienen mis padres.

Pasa un día estupendo con tus padres 😇

Jajajaja... Esa tormenta ya pasó por aquí. Les hice almuerzo y mi madre me ha limpiado toda la casa. La danza del trapo fue bastante intensa. Padres, cuñado, sobrino... El bote lleno. Pero ya se acaban de ir.

Gracias 😊

Haha, la danza del trapo. Espero con música buena ;)

A perfect place to spend time, the uniqueness of some items is still well preserved which proves that this city is still very much noticed by the local government, cultural values and the future goes at the same time

Yes, I think that they try to preserve historical values and also invest in modern stuff. It is how it should be 😉
Thank you for your visit @roronoa46, I am glad you liked this place!

Yes, they know exactly what is best, enjoy your day 😊🙏

It's wonderful to see a city that not only values its history but also invests in the future by blending these three fields so seamlessly.

Your journey through The city was captivating, and it's amazing how these two areas are connected. Your photography is topnotch🥰, I must confess

Yes, you are pointing out it nicely, not only history is what they value, but also keeping up with new times, science, art and all that comes with it. A city has to live, and Valencia is alive!

Thank you for your kind words @lifeof.abdul, hope you are having a nice day! 🙂

Wow you make me so jealous . I've been dreaming for so long walking in the Turia garden and visit the city of art 🥺 and now it's near (Las Fallas) what a beautiful explosion of colors and art.
I loved everything the piano the buildings the park 😍


(Picture taking by my wife)

Oh, the evening photo is very cool. We stayed until evening but passed by the other side :)

I do hope you can be able one day to visit your wife and Valencia, and when it happens let me know, and I would come and have another mini Hive meetup ;)



We just arrived back. :)
Was grand seeing you.

It was really cool to meet you guys!!

I hope the flight went well and the taxi arrived to pick you up :D
I will not ask about the weather in The Netherlands 😂 should see how terrasses are full on just 5 degrees...there was sun when we arrived, full local market and caffes. :)

5 degrees and full cafe shops?
uhmm, I will opt again for having that coffee inside :)

Our trip both ways, and everything was simply superb, funny too as we had an episode with taxi driver. :)
We had an awesome time, soon I will write a post about it too. :)

Much regards to you all.

We had an awesome time, soon I will write a post about it too. :)

Cool, looking forward to seeing it 😉

Funny to see this post when just yesterday my cousins visited this Oceanogràfic, haha! Anyway, no doubt it's a great place that I'd love to see with my own eyes one day, but until I get there, I'm happy for you to find that piano which seemed like waiting there for you, ha! :)

Oh, really? The world is so small, also other friends said they were in Valencia for the weekend, in Oceanogràfic :D

Seems that it was the right place to be 🍀

The piano was a cool finding, hahaha, waiting just for me... nice perspective too ;)

Thanks @gabrielatravels , if you visit one day your cousins in Valencia, let me know, so I can come and meet you 🥂

My cousins are not living in Valencia but only had a quick vacation there. Anyway, will definitely let you know when the moment comes. Would love to meet you and do some exploring together! :D

oops, I understood they live there.

Anyway, if you visit Valencia or the Mediterranean part of Spain, you will let me know 😇

This is the most beautifully arranged museum I have ever seen, Disneyland is passe!
Couldn't count how many activities you can actually have at one place.

Just half-hidden mipiano.

I just saw piano wearing sneakers :P

Aerial yoga! Although it is not considered yoga, only because of the few asanas that occur, otherwise if someone wants to stretch every bone and has no problem with inversions, this type of exercise is highly recommended.

Hahah, yeah, better than Disneyland :D
Among those 18 ideas, there is also one about the underwater aquarium.
Let's see when it will come...

You seem pro in describing aerial yoga. 🙌
Thank you for the clarification.

Laku noc 😇

Kidding me...

I have a friend who is instructor, was attending her class once (even tho I'm more of an earth yoga person).

I think you would like it, it's energetic and requires fast acting.

Lepo spavaj ✨

Lepo spavaj ✨

Hvala, mada trazim obecanu sliku...

moram i sat da navijem da ustanem pre tebe 🤣 da te doceka dan sa smehom 🤣🤣🤣

ne, ni ovaj put nisu romanticne loknice

Budna sam!

Gimme the curls. :p

They arrived 😂

What a beautiful city, my cousin lives in Valencia and tells me that it is spectacular, besides the movement that there is between the different cultists of the arts, the wonderful world where you make life.

The metal piano is beautiful, and ingenuity, and reminds us that music is medicine for the soul.

The science museum has a visual architecture of much movement, thanks for sharing @mipiano 🌺🎼🌴

Oh, that is nice, that your cousin lives here and is satisfied with life in this city. I so much love going there, it is a feeling like when I was a child and used to go to my aunt to spend the weekend, who lived in a bigger city than my hometown.

The metal piano was a discovery 😍

Thank you for stopping by and coming to this slow Saturday Valencia trip @janitzearratia!

Whoa, whoa, this is an interesting Building, the way they were built was kind of unique and pretty. Valencia has a beautiful sets of interesting things that people will like. I think living there is not bad at all. But if I will choose Ill still go somewhere that is more peaceful hehe.

I am glad you also like this complex of buildings, they are interesting, and the park too. The city centre has different architecture and a lot of history!

Hello @mipiano friend!... How curious, for a couple of decades I don't think I have spent a single day without connecting to the internet and finding out something new... But Valencia is a city that I hardly remember reading about (and very little) a couple of times... I'm glad I enjoyed this post of yours, with excellent photos and very flowing text as always... Wow and @mipiano found a giant piano for her!... ha ha ha 😂😂😂👍👍👍... Very funny!... Beautiful photos, despite the intense solar radiation and high contrast, they are very well balanced photos and worth to appreciating... Thanks for sharing... Happy week for you and your near people!...




Wow and @mipiano found a giant piano for her!

Hahaha, YES, a giant piano, just for me... and all the millions of other people who passed here since it was installed 😂

But for those moments, it was just mine 💓
(how selfish 🤣)

Thank you for your opinion, as I always say I will believe you :))
The sun was strong indeed and my husband said that the photos came out too bright, like washed-out colours. But I can't switch off the sun from the sky, and as I am not a photographer plus the camera is pretty old, so I am fine 😁😇
But better I don't continue all my flaws lol, it would be a long list.
Thanks for everything @jlinaresp

@mipiano! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @jlinaresp. (4/5)

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I have watched some movies and saw how valencia was portrayed as a beautiful city , your pictures here is another evidence that valencia is a beautiful place , now I feel coming to valencia to enjoy this beauty.

Now you don't have more doubts :)

It is a city with an awesome vibe, if you have an opportunity, I recommend visiting it.

Alright thanks

Oh wow… those slides. They are awesome. Would have gone off as many as possible. Hahaha 🤣
We still can pretend once in a while. 😉
The museum looks so cool. Definitely a place to visit. I haven’t yet… maybe one day.

The piano is beautiful. What a nice find.
And you 👋🏻😎 hi Mipiano
Have a wonderful new week. ☀️

I know, the slides are cool and tempting, one can have a good time there :)

The piano was an awesome find, can you imagine me seeing it? With shining eyes? hahaha

Have a great week you too @littlebee4 ☀️

Young and old hahaha 🤣

Yep, I can imagine 🤩
Thank you so much, will do my best. Have a great day 👋🏻☀️

Good night @littlebee4

or, still not? it is just 23:20 :D

Hehehe 🤭 still not, here it’s only 22:45h now.
Have a good night @mipiano 👋🏻😴😴😴
Thank you sooo much!

You see, you have that time machine!!!!

You have one hour more than me hahahahha

Looks like it 😇
Hahahaha but I only managed 1 hour… I am still short on time on a day 🤣😂

What’s Scooby Doos’ favorite drink?
Mountain Dooby Doo

Credit: reddit
@mipiano, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @littlebee4



Haven't had a chance to visit a museum in our country or even in our place. You've got a good shots ma'am.
You really made this post like you're touring us.
I'm a house buddy person and chose to be at home always, but there's in me like to travel. Hopefully just like you, I will able to travel and visit nice places like you do. ☺️
The place really is so modernized which haven't seen such in person here in our place. Well, what will I expect here in the province,lol.

Hey there @itsteacherjeff

You really made this post like you're touring us.

I am glad you felt like this. One of my friends said a long time ago that I had to be a tourist guide :D
But I already have two jobs and have no free day in the week, so it's kind of impossible. Maybe one day, when I decide to take a rest from teaching and students 😁

I am glad you like this place and thank you for your visit and comment 😇

Ah qué bello lugar. Es un sueño poder llegar ahí. Mientras tanto seguimos soñando con la luna de Valencia y disfrutando tu post.

Gracias @yanerkidiaz, no dejes de soñar, porque a veces se cumplen en un momento que no lo esperamos 😉

Yo solamenete tengo la suerte de vivir no tan lejos de Valencia, y realmente disfruto de esta ciudad mucho.

I really imagine the 3D while reading, probably a cool experience. In obvious, the life of people there living with such a good vibes, I also laying on the grass talking with friends, but just different atmosphere 😃. Totally, your world of music is incredible dear, it seems like the piano follow you haha. By it appearance, Gulliver probably large, yeah it hard to capture the whole body as you stand on the same land

I can't go without admiring the building. The iconic design that exists.

The Gilliver monument is huge and so interesting, we adults also feel tiny and like children :) This time I didn't go crazy haha, but in the past yes :D

Hahaha, the piano indeed follows me everywhere 😉
It is a part of me, literally 😅

What a beautiful city. Spain is beautiful, I have never been (I would like to) but as a Cuban I have ties with that beautiful country. I think all its cities are beautiful. This one you show us is the example. I loved your photos.

Hello @jordy0827

I agree, Valencia IS beautiful, and not just that, it is friendly and adapted to the citizens. A lot of bicycle paths, this long park, culture, traditions, cuisine, the sea... I think that I have to convince my family to move there 😂

The composition of the photos is getting better every time I check them.

I guess traveling a lot means there's lots of material to work on a little time to organize it.

What a joy to travel around such an amazing country.

Ow, thanks, my friend. I didn't know I participate in a photography contest :)

Haha, just kidding.

It was not much to organize for this one, I cancelled some lessons that I had at home and packed just personal things and nothing else. It's just around 150 km from us. Gracias por tu visita @bertrayo 😇

Well, that sounds like a totally legit reason to cancel some lessons. I mean I bet the payoff isn't the same, but the quality of content and the chance to go to new places is great.

The having fun and good feelings because of being on the road factor is the winning thing here ;)

That wins everyday!

Those are world-class architecture..such a huge park to stroll..and a lot of pretty spots to take photos. When I saw the piano structure, I thought, "oh sure, she'll like it"
Some photos don't load though so I can't see that girl doing yoga as you said..


I noticed on other users' posts (some 10, or 12 hours ago) that the photos were not opening. It should be ok until now, I think.

Of course I liked the piano ;)
Thanks for stopping by @jane1289 😇


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🗺 thanks :)

Beautiful places , I would love to visit there someday

I hope you will. Thanks for your visit!

Yeah sure, hope you are enjoying your week

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🙌 Thank you @lizanomadsoul 🙌!!

I think it is a very unique place to visit for anybody who loves modern art and architecture. It is a masterpiece and I would love to visit it someday. Thanks for showing us such wonderful places.

For sure it is worth visiting it! A wonderful complex and everyone can find something interesting. If the underwater aquarium, science, leisure time, classical music or else. Thank you for reading 👋

very good ,
i have never been only to seville and huelva , i would like to go one day , it looks very beautiful

I was in Huelva in January, and Sevilla was also in plans but I didn't feel well so we skipped it this time. Valencia is calmer and more people would go to Barcelona, however, it is completely worth staying here.

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Woohooo 🎉🎉🎉

Valencia after Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain that I love

They are both so nice. But there are many other beautiful places, all around Spain. As well as in Italy ( I see you are from there ;) )

yes I'm from Milan but I don't like my city so much especially in winter

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