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RE: The Royal Thai Air Force Museum - Science, Engineering, History and a Great Day Out!

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That first Northrop one looked like a fine air piercing beast of a jet fighter. It was nice to see a harrier and a Spitfire as well! There is nothing more iconic than a Spitfire to us Brits who were brought up on a literary diet of Commando comics :OD


LOL...true. Even here, all the kids know Spitfires. The Air Force base has an open day every year on 'Children's Day' I kid you not, January 14th, and they almost totally shut the whole airport to commercial traffic while they fanny around in their jets showing off to the kids and giving free helicopter rides! Noise at our house is horrendous.

It's a good thing that Hallmark haven't got a foothold here yet! They'd have a field day with all the public holidays we get. Its National Ploughing day on May 13th and its a public holiday!

We have the Queens Jubilee coming up soon! I am awfully grateful she has stayed alive long enough for us to get a wee extra holiday!.

Spitfires are awesome, you just cannae beat them. I haven't been to an air show in ages, I think Covid stopped all that jazz for a while. Look forward to dragging the kids to one!