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RE: The Royal Thai Air Force Museum - Science, Engineering, History and a Great Day Out!

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That's a great find, a lot more interesting than the one I went to a couple months ago, which was also free by the way.

One that I do want to go is the Bristol Aerospace to see the Concorde, but that's pretty pricey well over £20 I think


A lot of it is to do with the Thai habit of never throwing anything away lol...they save everything but in this case, it pays dividends and creates a great, public space.

20quid just to see Concorde is rather steep however amazing. I'm happy with the memories as a kid seeing her flying in and out of Heathrow when there was a public viewing area on top of the old Queens terminal. It's sad, albeit understandablle that there's so much security around airports these days because despite it being so common to fly, people are still fascinated by aircraft and airports.