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RE: The Royal Thai Air Force Museum - Science, Engineering, History and a Great Day Out!

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That shiny floor got me. I thought the aircraft was placed on islands as water run between them.

I never knew there existed museums where you can get that up close and personal with displays. Maybe they figured reasonable people can't possibly do too much damage. Or, is it an invitation to charge people for crimes against the crown?


The floor was epic! I thought it was wet and told Kwan to be careful but it must have been some sort of polished epoxy.

Tbh there isn't a lot of petty crime here generally. In the UK , those aircraft would have been stripped by souvenir hunters.

The fact it's the 'royal' Thai Air Force probably helps because of the strict lese majeste laws, no one even mentions the royal family in public and due to the education system, being 'Thai' is drummed into the population from birth.

The national anthem is still played everywhere in public here at 8am and 6pm and whilst it plays, the whole world stops! It's quite a sight in the middle of the rush hour to see everyone on the street just stand still like some sort of reverse flash mob!

All that said, it is so refreshing to go to places like this and just touch and get to connect to things you'd never normally be able to and that gives you a whole new appreciation!

That floor though...