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RE: The Shop without Staff

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I love new technology but hate how it does away with the human element. I much prefer to chat to the people on the tills and for them to stay in employment. I won't even use those self service tills.

 last year (edited)

The human element has long been irrelevant since the age of smartphones and people hanging around "web 3" in hopes for scraps.

I still need a human to tell me where the baked beans are ...

 last year 

They got robots for that already.

Oh ... I like a robot. 😀

I agree with you entirely. Although, there were still lots of customer service people in there to help customers understand what to do and I ended up chatting to them for far longer than I would have done with someone on the checkout.. swings and roundabouts I guess 😊

Yes, I probably need those staff as I'm lethal when left to my own devices! 😁