The Joke's on Who? Apple Uptrend Bearish Move - Mockery Article

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If Apple moves in crypto we'll face a total craziness in terms of d-marketing, blockchain marketing, which could be something good but also a lot of consumerism and personal belief.


👉 They can sell you some coal tar dust as gold and silver powder.

Today I want to write a little comic article about an Apple product, which I discovered recently and by chance: a dusting cloth. Maybe they'll even sell it for their own crypto one day. Who knows?

Let's grab a #beer as I invite you to read this until the end.

Let's have some fun reading this article and think about it:
Could this be considered peak capitalism or not?
I know. It always depends on the optics and there's no duality, as a Hive shadow-banned lady used to say.

Digging for value and meaning of this product as we have some good laugh:

Did you know that Apple launched something like this on the market?
I was really thinking last year that they would be able to sell anything.
Wow! Now Apple has moved to the next level! ➡️➡️➡️


I think the production price is 5 cents, but the sale price ... that's another story ... of brand and visual identity :))
For example, in the USA it is $ 19: And for shipping to Europe, the price is 25 Euros: https: // www.
Fair enough!
So the cloth can be sold in EU and USA, and the price is more expensive for the EU because it involves other production fees for the same quality I suspect.

Can we have it in our Hive List shop at some point? I am curious how fast it will sell.⁉️


Joke: It's fine, but I'm still waiting for an improved version. At first they still have bugs, they have to be bought after they are fixed.

Joke: Can it only be used on Apple products?

Joke: On the other hand, what if I buy one to wipe my Samsung and it is not compatible?

Joke: Where do I find the settings to give it a factory reset?

Joke: I look forward to seeing an unboxing on Youtube. Seriously.

Woahh! It's on:

Let's get back!

Joke: if I choose the premium version, it is compatible with windows, android and with the first series of Apple products.

Joke: I'm not in a hurry, the rag is lost, it gets dirty, it breaks ...
I'm waiting to upgrade to the housekeeper who comes to dust.

Joke: I expect that later on if a display on an Apple device breaks down, the service will tell you that you didn't wipe it with their original cloth and it broke.

Joke: I understand that it is not possible and it is frustrating that it cannot be used on older models. It's a shame.....
But, I think it will be fixed with a firmware update and we will be able to have compatibility with older models =))))

Joke: rumors say that...we will also have an Apple cloth with AI and quantum technology soon, which produces crypto alone, being or not used.

Joke or not: Finally, I can afford an Apple product!

Joke: It is not compatible with furniture, as iFurniture has not been released yet (as far as I know).

Joke: Is it just dusting off the Apple ecosystem or is it a cross platform - super dusting product?

Joke or not: We live in a world where pizza arrives in some parts faster than the police or ambulance. That's the normal thing to do .... Let's be grateful that we don't have to subscribe to this cloth, otherwise we should have found a crack or borrowed it from a friend.

Look, I made this product review special for you. If you liked it, you can like, follow or leave me a comment. I will appreciate any decision you make.



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