Technology in 2022 and Hive

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This week I had time to do a little check during the breaks from the 2 part-time jobs.
It seems that in 2021 eCommerce, industrial process automation and workflow optimization, along with the digitization of the public system, have been the main growth drivers of global software industries, estimated at over 40 billion euros.

In addition to the organic evolution, since 2021 ... again a pandemic year ... the growth of the industry has contributed to the good reputation and use of software engineers, increasingly sought after, in complex projects involving innovative, new generation technologies , such as: blockchain, AI, big data, deep learning, streaming etc.

In my opinion, it is normal to expect an even more accelerated advance of the industry in 2022, amid greater investment in cybernetic technology, blockchain and even ecommerce. This year, I have high hopes that CTP, LEO Finance, Hive Hustlers and LIST will make a big profit if they get involved in new developments. It's a generalization, I know. But I trust them. Aeneas has a huge advantage. It depends if it'll move the blockchain once more on not.

Furthermore, globally, I estimate growing investment in the area of ​​Big Data and AI, especially in the segment of large companies, whose need has evolved from software solutions that store data (ERP, CRM solutions) to a need to understand that data and interpret it correctly so that you can make good decisions in real time. At the same time, for this year, 2022, I anticipate the more accelerated adoption of blockchain technologies, which would bring benefits of traceability, audit, cyber security, etc.

Another feature that has contributed to the evolution of the international software industry is the well-developed IT infrastructure, which facilitates connection and development on servers in other countries, aspects that give software engineers access to complex, international projects in top industries, where the degree of innovation and adoption of new technologies is very high, such as: banking, retail, eCommerce, medical, e-learning, logistics, oil and gas. The typical one, not the crypto one :P



Now I have a few Qs:

  • will technology help Healthcare more? I've seen people opposing and mocking MedBeds. That's a declass I'd never ignore or joke about. I did my research for the last 3 years about it.

  • will Politics become a fair game with the aid of technology and blockchain usage?

  • will different levels of living align into a pleasant thrive through blockchain opportunities and adoptions?

👉 I do believe dcommerce/ecommerce could become much more through our Hive Hustler and List front-end.

There are so many Qs I have now that the Science and Technology have such a great impact on our lives.

For now:

Thank you for reading!

Zpek aka Mike

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I normally don't see people talking about other technologies here other than blockchain related ones, so it was an interesting read. Your questions are really good ones and MedBeds is something I have 0 knowledge about, so I got some homework to do now thanks to your post XD


I always find it to be an honor when people like you offer feed-back and read the entire article. Thank you very much for this. Please receive my appreciation!

the LINK unit in avatar was like a med bed


Yes, it resambles to what they have made us see since the '90s when the oriental countries launched their patents on bedbeds....I forgot how they called them back then.

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will technology help Healthcare more? I've seen people opposing and mocking MedBeds. That's a declass I'd never ignore or joke about. I did my research for the last 3 years about it.

hers what will turn into "medbed" tech in REAL life: Ultrasonic MRIs


Focused ultrasound is an early-stage, non-invasive and incision-free therapeutic technology with the potential to transform the treatment of many medical disorders, by using ultrasonic energy to target tissue deep in the body without incisions or radiation.

Theyll need the Blockchain for the UBI and medical databases for curated "cures" and treatments for those who want to give up medical privacy in exchange for free high value decentralized health care harnessing the power of a hivemind with real certified doctor "witnesses running communities for each illness, medicine or treatment or disorder or health sphere... and theyll use the best cutting edge tech on open source forums using hive and telos proposals and vote for various treatments using evidence from patients like workers and milestones on worker proposals on telos decide smartcontracts using healthcare data from the blockchain to prove or disprove various arguments using doctors and patients to vote on a health DAC etc

Blockchain medicine is so needed right now, we will need blockchain @edenos DIgital distributed IDs to allow people to manage 3d maps of their own bodies, to help manage disorders on a decentralized doctor network where every medical student on EARTH works together, harnessing brain power from Cuba venezuela india pakistan venezuela etc etc all these places with all these Doctors and Lawyers will retrain them on blockchains and theylll all use a @proofofbrain style verification of their medical skills or earn new ones, and then use discord and telegram and twitter and hive in an @airclinic 2.0 style regime to engage with social media users all across the internet to use their own UBI to help pay for medical consultancy and local networks of doctors offices OWNED by Telos and Hive will be on call with Tesla robo taxis making house calls paid for by UBI earned on hive etc

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distopy or utopy or future sight, I love the way you describe it! Thanks so much for reading! Trump declared last March that he intended to include medbeds in every big city in US. Do you think he was bluffing? Sometimes I like games, but niet poor jokes on us...the people

 last year (edited)

he didnt declare that its all just rumor

but he posed for this foxconn mri photo



look at the pink ring like on brittney venti's and grimezsz mirrors lol sooo secretive


Wanna go on a Virtual reality adventure INSIDE YOUR OWN BODY? fantastic voyage lol

ZAP surgical's ZAP X


notice the Z's on the machine hahaha Z for Zack .. its Trump's gift to us hahahaha

what if... you are INSIDE the med vbed, like the orville episode trapped in your own holodeck simulation, designed to make you go through all your life experiences that correspond to parts of your real body outside the simulation

its like the beings in avatar are all inside a natural organic stone pyramid tree complex or sarcophogii and were piloting HUMAN bodies in organic link unit med beds lol

Just like in Matrix...thanks for the link. I shall read all the content information carefully.
Btw, the pink ring looks pornish :)) I wonder what is it for. I'll have a look in the documentation.


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No need, I appreciate what you do in many ways, not just that design, the whole struggle to deliver more for us on Hive. Thank you!

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