How Fauci Fked It Up - A Free Resource for a New Perspective

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I don't know @ura-soul. But his article here ( inspired me to write this one, based on "Liarchy".

Today is about Awareness.
I never liked Politics but always tried to understand how that affects us, as individuals and groups.
So, I am drawing a small conclusion from what I read about the current situation with Fauci, one element who pushed his view of tech through the "waxxes" to us.

Fauci is attempting to avoid his obligations, but he is being pursued by an entire crew.

The day after Dr. Anthony Fauci announced his intention to resign from his government positions, two U.S. Senators publicly asked that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) retain any records and conversations relating to Fauci.

We may argue that Dr. Fauci deceived the American people about public health advice during the epidemic...

Under oath, lied to Congress and diverted government cash to risky research in communist China.

Regardless of Dr. Fauci's future job choices, the American people demand the NIH to be transparent and accountable about the C0V!D-!9 pandemics.
He will be called to testify under oath about any talks he had about the lab leak.

That is why Jeff Hays Films has made a film based on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s best-selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci...

Into a riveting documentary, I have found here, with free access for a while, as they say:

It's time to break free from the shackles of censorship and tyranny imposed by the mainstream media.

And now is the moment to safeguard our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the long term.

Being happy to be back,
Thank you for reading!

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Until more people understand that the main characters calling the shots in the corporate 'science' world are actually mostly members of secret societies, are psychopathic liars and that they rely on mass denial/inaction in the population to get away with hideous crimes as a matter of normalcy, not much can change on a large scale.

All thought and action stems from the spiritual state of the individuals involved. The vast majority of these entities are not trustworthy enough to look after a pet dog, let alone plan the future biology of all humans.

I agree. They're like dizzy hens and indolent cows, pawns of systems that rule and direct the .. "way of the world" (Aviator). We can throw some light and put real truth at the disposal of others to make them understand and maybe react for the better good.

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