The Northern Hemisphere is Still in Cold Season

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I am lucky to live in a state that resisted the mask mandates. I am thrilled to hear that more states will be easing up on their mask restrictions this month.

I am not opposed to masks or vaccines ... but I am opposed to the mandates. Government mandates have a long history of making things worse.

It is always best to let people make their own decisions.

Governments have a long history of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The fact that governments are finally easing up on some of their mandates does not mean that this is a good time to stop the practice of social distancing and appropriate mask wearing.

I've been following the data on worldometer


This data seems to indicate that the world is just coming off the peak of Omicron infection. There is a high hospitalization and, sadly, a large number of COVID related deaths at the moment.

Just as I resented when politicians began mandating masks, I do not trust the judgment of the political class and will not let them tell me when to take the stupid things off.

The data shows that there is currently a spike of infections. I drilled down to the area where I live. The data seems to indicate that Winter is flu and cold season. COVID is a really bad cold. I will continue a regimen of social distancing and wear the stupid mask when I am in public places.

I live in the Northern latitudes. The human immune system tends to be weak in the Winter and strongest in the Spring. The seasonality of colds, flues and COVID probably has something to do with vitamin D. The levels of Vitamin D goes up and down with the season.

Just as I resisted the mask mandates, I am not going to blindly stop using a mask because political wanks caved to pressure and removed the mandates. I will base any decisions I make about social distancing and masks on the reported numbers. When there is bump in local infections. I will voluntarily wear the foolish things.

We can Slow the Spread of Infections But Not Stop Infections.

I believe that the travel restrictions, social distancing and appropriate mask wearing slowed the spread of infection. These actions can slow, but will not stop the spread of disease.

I applaud all of the voluntary actions that people took during the pandemic. The voluntary action was sufficient in slowing the spread of the virus.

I believe that blundering politicians were wrong about their mandates. Blundering politicians were wrong about the lockdowns. The blundering politicians did a great deal of damage to the economy when they forced these things on our communities.

I love that politicians are easing up on the mask mandates ... but I will not let the politicians to tell me when to stop wearing the mask. It is best for people to look at the data and make their own decisions.

Action should be voluntary and driven by respect for each other and not forced on us by government dictate.

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I think masks are dangerous because it increases possibility of COVID-19 infection. What do you think?

Thank you for your question as it helps me clarify what I was thinking.

I believe that masks work but they are only effective for short periods. Masks are a filter. Masks trap pathogens. When they become saturated with pathogens they are no longer effective.

Wearing a mask all day long doesn't work because the things become as infectious as the environment.

If the masks are only good for a short duration; then people should be free to determine when and where they wear the masks.

So, I will wear a mask when I am in a store or at a crowded venue. I will not wear one when I am by myself or in a space for a long time.

The mandates are negative as they force people to wear masks until they become dangerous.

BTW, masks don't just pick up COVID, they can pick up any pathogen in the environment.


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I'm lucky to be back in Florida during this whole ordeal...