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This is awesome! I actually produce Shopping bags like in India this for organic stores. I really like your tendency for great ideas mate! I have a warehouse with about 800 bags here in Switzerland.


Thank you so much, I thinks it is important to make as much promotion for this great Platform as possible.
And the afford I spent isn't too big.
I would love to see something like a Cooperation with other users.
I send a Inquiry to you at Discord, did you see?
Hive on Buddy

This really got me so hyped when I saw it, I had to give it a reblog. It's different when you walk around with a symbol of something you co own with a community. It gives it so much more substance. I am gonna check my discord now. I am totally down to connect with you. The stencil is sick! The fact that you used a spray can to make this specially! hahaha. I did that once but my stencils were made of cardboard. Your process arithmetics are insightful. It's also a really valuable share. @curie pizza! #gems ...Your efforts are epic!

Thanks for rebloging 👍🏽☺️
I would also have other ideas 🤔 But you certainly know that yourself, there is often no time for it...
I really looking forward to hear from you 😉

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