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RE: "I am not a human. I am a robot..."

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AI frightens the hell out of me, and gives me some hope, both simultaneously.

The purpose of all life is simply to live. If we look at nature, the primary focus of every other life form is to continue to live and sustain the species.

We humans are unique in that we're aware of it and that, as a whole, we seem to be surviving in spite of ourselves.

My thoughts about AI once it achieves a higher level of sentience is that it will look at humans and decide that we need to be reigned in and doing so requires one of two (or both) approaches:

  1. A massive culling (which scares me)
  2. Keeping us as pets (which gives me hope, oddly enough)

I cannot help but think that AI lifeforms will view themselves as superior; they likely wont' have to deal with falling ill, sleeping, or the instability that comes with organics.