Instagram gets a new feature

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#Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri talked about his new feature that he is working on. According to the statements made on the subject, it will now be possible to independently manage the scrolling sent shared on Instagram. In other words, the #photo or #video in these posts can now be easily deleted.

Instagram is one of the most preferred platforms in the world. Instagram, which has many more features in addition to sharing photos and videos, stated that it is working on several new features. According to the information conveyed by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, these features, developed to improve user experiences, will be available to all users in a very short time.

As it is known, users can add more than one photo or video to Instagram in one post. But it was not possible to delete any of the parts in this post. This new feature puts an end to this situation. Users can now delete any of the tracks in the scrolling post. In other words, if there is more than one content in the post, you can delete any of them you want. There will be no need to delete all the content for this.

💥Instagram's new feature could improve usage
The new feature of Instagram will provide great convenience for users. In other words, iPhone users around the world will have the opportunity to try this feature in a very short time. However, no announcement has been made for Android devices yet. Another feature that Adam Mosseri mentions is all about the application itself. With this new feature developed, users will be able to quickly report the problems they encounter while using the Instagram application to the technical team by shaking their mobile phones. According to the statements made by the company on the subject, the information sent by shaking your device will be given priority and the reported problems will be tried to be resolved quickly. Company, It has not yet made a statement about when the feature of sending feedback by shaking the mobile phone will be available. However, the feature is expected to be available to users in a very short time.
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