VR Skin Lets Your Body Feel What Happens In-Game

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The days of VR suits that we can wear and feel what is happening in-game are looking like they are closer than we thought. A new skin has been designed that is light and thin and can actually target certain areas so you can feel pressure on certain parts of your body when it happens in game. For example if I wore a full suit and someone taps my character on the shoulder I can feel the tap on the location that it happened.

There is no limit to how this technology can be used and would immerse players in a way that they have not been in the past. Think of feeling a rumble on your arm when you get shot in an FPS (light rumble of course, no one is going to play a game with actual pain) or feeling a high five from a character when you did a mission together.

I still have not gotten into VR yet but there are a lot of games I want to try. It seems to be taking off more on a social level with games that are about interacting with others than more traditional gaming experiences. But this might change if the technology becomes cheaper and more people have a VR headset.

And of course we have to talk about the obvious...

Yes People Will Use It For Sex

Just like every new technology there will of course be sexual elements too. There is no doubt people will be wearing these and doing all sorts of things with them... I will leave that to your imagination.

The problem is the skin might be skin tight and that is not flattering on anyone...

Would you try it out yourself? I would be curious to see how it actually feels.

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Thanks for sharing I definitely would like to try this here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

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