Cool Tech Gadgets VIDEO - Pulsar Helion XP50 in Action

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It's continuously loading. Maybe my internet signals are weak. I will try again to watch this video coz I know you share something cool and knowledgeable.

I am a little newb on 3speak but I wonder if the videos I upload are optimized when uploading. If not then there is a lot of mb... I hope its optimized. :)

I hope it will be optimized soon✨

Hi @whangster79! please avoid reposting the same content as it is considered abuse on Hive. As I see this video has been posted in your last post and because it is the focus of this post, it is considered recycling.

I understood what recycling and double posting was today and been posting videos the wrong way all this time till today after @galenkp addressed what was being done wrong.

My understanding all this time was to create the blog (content + photos) on ecency or peakD, upload the video on 3speak and after i get the link post it on my blog so viewers can watch video on my blog. I didnt know the video site will post a blog of its own after it got uploaded.

It was as actually very confusing but now I completely understand what is going on and why. thank you for addressing this to me. it will never happen again.

Thank you both. Keep rules in place starting from myself first.

No worries, it happens. I'm here if you need any help :)

A pleasure to help mate. @erikah knows her stuff and she's always around to help as well.

Thank you 🙂

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