I knew this day would come.... My job is in jeopardy(but thats good news)

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While its always been known that the end-game for cervical cancers was to eradicate it completely, the end of my job seems to be even closer now with the release of the latest data.

In an article and paper published by the "Lancet" and reported by the BBC, the young cohort of fully vaccinated women coming through now appear to be cancer free.....


The bbc reported this morning - HPV vaccine cutting cervical cancer by nearly 90%

With the vaccination program starting less than a decade ago, women reaching the age of cervical testing (24) are now showing no signs of pre-cancerous symptoms, and therefore can not possible progress to invasive cancer.

While this is amazing news, and i could not be happier, it also means that it may now be time to start looking for a new career pathway with in the much loved National Health Service. You see, i spend my Monday's to Fridays, 9-5, sat at my microscope screening slides looking to identify and diagnose cancer cells and pre-cancerous changes.


Thats not to say the screening service will close down over night.... Far from it!! The vaccine is only successful when administered to girls and boys before they have become sexual active, and have come in to contact with the HUMAN PAMPILOMA VIRUS responsible for these changes.

So while the younger generation are now deemed to be protected from the virus, the screening service will continue to screen women that were not offered the vaccine, or were already sexually active.

As the amount of women vaccinated comings and of age for the service become more and more prevalent, the work load will drop off and off, till my job becomes obsolete!!

So its a good news bad news scenario for me and my colleagues. Good news that we wont be needed, but also bad news that we wont be needed...

Now dare i say it?? At least one form of vaccine seems to be working......


Congratulations....I think.

I knew that deep down you were a nerd passing himself off as a rugby boof head. But seriously, good work man! When I read your title I thought the mandates were catching up with you. Wherever you end up I hope you can keep doing good in the world.

Yep good news bad news. Maybe you could get a job as a jizz mopper. I here you are good with jizz….🤣😂

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