WhatsApp starts rolling out emoji reactions for massages.


A lot of social media platforms appeared, but in these social media platforms, WhatsApp is being used as much as it is being used at this time, there will hardly be any other personal social media platform, in order to improve any social media platform, it is necessary to bring a lot of changes in it. And a similar change happened in WhatsApp, in WhatsApp, you can give a reaction to a personal message as well as a group message, earlier you could not react to a text in a group, but now it has become possible with the new updates of WhatsApp You can give a reaction in any text, you can use five emojis in those reactions, these 5 emojis are the same 5 basic reactions that a person rejects on anything.

How to use?

If you also want to use reactions, then first you update your WhatsApp and after that long press on the text of any person in any group, you will see the symbols of the five elections there as a popup, you can type them in any You can also give feedback but the feature is not yet applicable for all the devices but will be updated here soon and will be released for all the devices.

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