Unleashing the Power of the Sun: An Innovative Solar Panel Tracker Project


Now I'm sharing my project which I have done at a technical festival of my college and got the second position in the event of my college,
My project was a Solar Panel Tracker and an LED String Lamp both project I have done in November and at this time I am sharing them on the Stemgeeks platform,
No, I will tell a brief description of both projects,


Solar Panel Tracker

It was a high-intensity sensitive light project because its tracks the maximum intensity of light and moves the solar panel towards it.
That is the only reason the name of this project is solar panel tracker sun is the biggest energy source in whole the world nothing exists till now the maximum energy source compared with the sun so Max of the energy is wasted in the form of heat and the form of light of the sun so the main motto of this project to consume maximum energy of sunlight and convert into electricity.
In previous times solar panels are placed in a fixed position that is the rear panel cannot convert maximum energy during the day in the form of electricity.

About this Project

This project is working off a sensor which is LDR it's senses the maximum light option and moved towards the sun the whole day on the face of solar panels so it can get the maximum intensity of light and it can convert maximum energy into the form of electrical energy

Components Used in this Project

  • Servo Motor
  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
  • Resistor
  • Arduino Uno Board
  • Jumping Wire
  • Bread Board
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Arduino Uno Board

It is the main component of this project nothing is an alternative to this component It is a microcontroller that is used to make different kinds of projects and circuits also so it is programmable we can program whatever we want. It contains some pins some input pins and some output pins also input pen takes the values and process according to the program and give some output of the overall working of Arduino UNO it is. There are lots of programmable Ford are also available I am using only it because it is easy to use and easy to reset any program.

Servo Motor

The second most important component is the servo Motor it is not a normal motor it's designed to use in projects like a drone solar panel tracker, etc. It is different from other normal motors because it rotates only at some specific angle I am using this servo Motor which rotates only 180 degrees from its initial position because we have only used of maximum 180 degrees to rotate. And the second thing it's required less power to rotate.

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)

And the third and most important thing is LDR which is light dependent register it is a type of register but dependent on the intensity of light when we put maximum light on it it works as a wire not exactly but acts as a wire and if we put some darkness around it its act as a register there are lots of type of LDR I am using 5 mm LDR because of less power consumption and it is a main component of this project because it is a type of sensor with sense the light and give some input to Arduino.

img src

Software Used in this Project

We have to be required to write a program for an Arduino board that is "Arduino" this software is used to write a program according to your project it's have their language for writing sample programs and to write any kind of program you have to learn Arduino language also. One thing that everybody should consider for Arduino software there is a driver of Arduino software it should be installed on your laptop or PC. Without a driver, none of the external devices or boards will be shown on your computer.

img src

Other Components

And we are using a jumper wire to connect the circuit servo Motor and Arduino and to plot everything on a board we are using a printed circuit board which is also called PCB and to control the current where using some registered across the LDR to understand and making a rough circuit we are using a breadboard.

Circuit Diagram

Program of this Project.

//Include the servo motor library
#include <Servo.h>
//Define the LDR sensor pins
#define LDR1 A0
#define LDR2 A1
//Define the error value. You can change it as you like
#define error 10
//Starting point of the servo motor
int Spoint =  90;
//Create an object for the servo motor
Servo servo;

void setup() {
//Include servo motor PWM pin
//Set the starting point of the servo

void loop() {
//Get the LDR sensor value
  int ldr1 = analogRead(LDR1);
//Get the LDR sensor value
  int ldr2 = analogRead(LDR2);

//Get the difference of these values
  int value1 = abs(ldr1 - ldr2);
  int value2 = abs(ldr2 - ldr1);

//Check these values using a IF condition
  if ((value1 <= error) || (value2 <= error)) {

  } else {
    if (ldr1 > ldr2) {
      Spoint = --Spoint;
    if (ldr1 < ldr2) {
      Spoint = ++Spoint;
//Write values on the servo motor


At first, we have lots of difficulties making it because I I don't know how to do this project but by searching on Google and reading lots of articles and we are successful to make it and finally, we got a second ranking in the event of our college to organize every year technical event which students are participating and learning a lot it was also my first time to learn this type of thing we are working on this project about a week and got it to build some project like this we did two projects but I am posting only one project another one I will post in my upcoming article.
Thanking all of you.

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