Zuckerberg showed off amazing next-gen VR prototype headset 😎

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Mark Zuckerberg hat mit einem coolen Prototyp eines neuen VR-Headsets angegeben.

Das neue Headset soll dank "holografischer Linsen" wesentlich leichter und kleiner werden und hat nur noch die Dimensionen einer Skibrille.

Bin auf den Tragecomfort der neuen Brille gespannt, wenn sie denn marktreif wird.

Denke aber, auch eine VR-Skibrille wird man nicht stundenlang tragen wollen / können. Aber es könnte eine große Verbesserung zur frontlastigen Quest 2 werden.

Im Video kommt es mir so vor, als hätte Mark bereits einen Skibrillen-Abdruck im Gesicht. Vielleicht vom Testen der neuen VR-Brille 😂

Was sagt ihr dazu? Wie gefällt euch der Prototyp?

ps. der Name Holocake 2 ist schrecklich.

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Holocake 2 and Mirror Lake Prototype VR Headsets [5 Min]

Zuckerberg Reveals Meta's Latest Prototype VR Headsets [01:30]

Mark Zuckerberg & Michael Abrash: Inside the Lab Opening Remarks [29 Min]

Video Credit: Meta Quest


Mark Zuckerberg has been showing off a cool prototype of a new VR headset.

The new headset is supposed to be much lighter and smaller thanks to "holographic lenses" and only has the dimensions of a pair of ski goggles.

I'm curious about the wearing comfort of the new glasses, if they are ready for the market.

However, I don't think anyone will want to / be able to wear VR ski goggles for hours on end. But it could be a big improvement to the front-heavy Quest 2.

In the video, it seems to me that Mark already has a ski goggle imprint on his face. Maybe from testing the new VR goggles 😂

How do you guys like the prototype?

ps. Holocake 2 is a terrible name.

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VR is the future :D I'm still waiting for all those superb VR games!!


I don't trust Zuckerberg but I do think the newer models are better for future adoption. Nobody wants to lug around heavy hardware.

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Interesting VR headset ! People usually complains about the weight of VR devices!

A thinner and lighter device is the way to go, but also heat is a problem, especially when wearing it a longer time.

Mark Zuckerberg is creating a new world and facilitating its existence via these gadgets

😏 Bin noch nicht überzeugt ob das der große Wurf wird. Zumal ich bei FB eh vorsichtig werde…

Hello! @vickysecrets

The gadget VR prototype headset seems impressive.
Meta is doing good job.

Thank you for sharing it.

The prototype looks pretty nice and i like it

Hoffentlich fertig bis zum nächsten Lockdown...

:) i like the look of the holocake headset. i think it's getting there.. thin and flat!


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