Seven Steps to Help You Avoid the Lactose Intolerance (Milk Sugar)

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No one is ignorant of the great nutritional value of milk. Baby, the adolescent, the adult and the elderly All them need milk. Milk and its products of Integrated food because it contains all the necessary nutrients for the body.

Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, aluminum, copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, vitamin A, D, E, and K besides fatty acids that the body cannot produce them. As well milk contains a good balance among all the fat, protein and carbohydrates. Experts recommend drinking milk a day as an important part of a healthy diet and balanced.


Some people when they eat milk or products made from milk .Show them symptoms such as abdominal pain, swelling, diarrhea, nausea Regurgitation. Especially in children, which they see as a reason to avoid drinking milk once and may be the symptoms are mild, but sometimes be severe. This condition is called Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency or hypolactasia. It is the case is not serious.

What are the causes of Lactose Intolerance?

The main reason of lactose intolerance is the low level of production of the enzyme lactase. Which is responsible for digestion and analysis of lactose to glucose and glucose to ease their transfer to the blood? When fall level of production of the enzyme lactase lactose will moving to colon where feeds on it the Bacteria which that live in the colon productive gas CO2, which causes swelling, pain and diarrhea as a result of the proliferation of bacteria. Happen deficiency in the production of lactase, the enzyme is not the result of four reasons:

Kind of Diet

In childhood depends diet on milk, which stimulates the small intestine to production sufficient quantities of the enzyme lactase to digest milk, but in adulthood downing the participation rate of milk in the diet of the people .Which causes sluggishness small intestines, leading to lower the amount of lactase enzyme produced.

Health status

When surgery for small bowel result injury stomach or intestinal infections or Cohn's disease carrying capacity for the small intestine to produce the enzyme lactase. Maybe return to previous levels but it takes a long time.

Genetic factor

As a result of a genetic disease leading or stopping to a lack of ability of bowel to produce the enzyme lactase, spreading this case among the situation of people of African and Indian.

Other reasons

• Premature birth may be children who are born prematurely reduce the levels of lactase, because this enzyme increases in the fetus late in the third quarter.
• Exposure to radiation: when a person on receipt of radiation treatment for cancer, for example, get the case of lactose deficiency as a result of the impact of radiation on the work of the cells responsible for producing the enzyme lactase.

How to diagnose Lactose Intolerance?

Can the diagnosis of lactose intolerance through one or more of the following tests:
• Breath test: This test asks you to drink fluids that contain high levels of lactose. The doctor then measuring the amount of hydrogen in exhaled air at regular intervals. In normal circumstances be the amount of hydrogen is very low. If the body does not digest lactose, it is up to the colon and ferments, causing hydrogen gas production in the presence of large amounts of hydrogen in the breath show the lack of digestion of lactose.
• Stool acidity test: This test shall be for babies who cannot undergo other tests, as a result of fermentation of lactose in the colon produces lactic acid (sour milk) and other acids that can be detected in the stool sample.
• Lactose tolerance test: the test measures the reaction of the body fluids that contain high levels of lactose. After two hours of drinking fluids, are measured amount of glucose in the bloodstream. If the glucose level does not rise in the blood, this means that the body was not fully digest lactose.

What should you do?

Facing case of Lactose Intolerance depends on the nature and degree of the problem he has. These are some tips that you can avoid the symptoms of lactose sensitivity:

  1. Avoid lactose: the most effective treatment is to avoid foods and medications that contain lactose such as milk and dairy products in the first place. And the replacement of eating calcium supplements to compensate for the shortfall caused by not drinking milk.
  2. Eating sour dairy products such as yogurt, which contain a low percentage of lactose after the flocculation process due to the conversion of sugar to acid milk. By the yeast flocculation, which helps protect the digestive system? Or take the yeast food supplements.
  3. Eating skimmed milk from lactose and dairy products made from skim milk lactose.
  4. Taking supplements is a lactose tablets to take before eating a meal or added to milk.
  5. Eating alternative foods that contain a high proportion of calcium such as fish, eggs, bananas, oranges, leafy vegetables, soybeans.
  6. Avoid milk alone, but with meals and other food to reduce the chance of complications lactose sensitivity.
  7. Eating small amounts of milk, especially for people who have a mild degree of Lactose Intolerance.


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well-drafted article dear and thanks for sharing some useful tips around, what a person should do if they are facing an issue tied to Lactose Intolerance. Cheers and Best Regards