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Since I can remember myself, I was always fascinated by ants. These little critters can do some amazing shit.

But fuck, this video I stumbled upon today blew my mind. Swarm intelligence at it's finest.


Cool! Really cool!

And if you think that's cool... Then let me introduce you to the ant rope 😂


Ok, I like to think I know lots of strange things about ants. Let's use chatgbt to see if there's anything new cool shit to learn about them. Heh, Google is so last year 😂

Tell me some weird facts about ants

Certainly! Here are a few weird facts about ants:

Some ants can survive being submerged in water for several days because they have the ability to trap a bubble of air around their body.

Ants are able to lift and carry objects that are much larger and heavier than their own body due to their powerful muscles and jointed legs.

Ants have a highly organized social structure and are able to communicate with each other using chemical signals called pheromones.

Ants are known to farm other insects, such as aphids, for their honeydew excretion. They will even move the insects to new plants if the current plant becomes depleted.

Ants have a highly developed sense of smell and can distinguish between different types of pheromones, which they use for communication and navigation.

Ants are some of the longest living insects, with some queen ants living for up to 30 years.

Ants are found on every continent except Antarctica.

I hope these facts were weird enough for you!

Hah! I was familiar with all except the first one! Let's learn more!

Tell me more about fact number 1

Sure! Some ants, such as the wood ant (Formica rufa) and the European fire ant (Myrmica rubra), are able to survive being submerged in water for several days by trapping a bubble of air around their body. This ability is made possible by the ants' waterproof exoskeleton and the presence of a thin layer of air between their body and the exoskeleton, which allows them to float. When submerged, the ants will tuck their legs and antennae close to their body and trap a small bubble of air around them, which they can then use to breathe while they are underwater. This adaptation allows ants to survive flooding and other aquatic environments.

Dang! Awesome! I am particularly lazy today...let's see if chatgbt can do YouTube!

Find me a relates YouTube video

I'm sorry, but I am not able to browse the internet or access YouTube videos. However, you may be able to find a video about ants that are able to survive being submerged in water by doing a search on YouTube. You could try searching for terms like "ants underwater" or "ants floating" to find videos that demonstrate this interesting adaptation.

Meh 😑 oh well I guess I can do it myself

Unfortunately I couldn't find any cool video showing this ability..Oh well. Still cool to know 😃

Ok allow me now to close with this amazing kurzgesagt video ( I love that channel) about Polyergus ants... The way they conduct business is let's say ...quite interesting!

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Do ants fart ?

I have a friend who ate ants as a child. He now weighs 120 kilos, perhaps they have swarmed inside. Ask the AI if it's possible?

Lol wtf. Why he did that?

lol :D

This is mind blowing! Protocol to queen > perfect example of team work and such a small creature with this high intelligence level. Nature is Amazing!

Yeah, it's amazing what these tiny brains can do!

ANTs already conquered the world! every summer they remind me that when they try to invade my home!

Your home belongs to us 😂

Ants are really teachable, although they may be a little curious, like the images in the video ☺️


Their intelligence is just mind blowing, is just that they are small but they are really intelligent group, they build big cities under earth, imagine what they would do if they were the size of a human pff

Phew, good thing they are not 😂

That is absolutely insane they can do that.

Oh yes!

I just thought maybe there are intelligent ants on some other planet. Ants are large in size and have evolved over millions of years.

Whenever I have seen too many beaks together, I have seen them in a row. We tried as hard as we could to break this line, but still it would go back into its own line. Most beaks do not have ears or eyes. But they have a very high sense of smell, they smell and reach their prey. From this line we can also get the lesson that if we go straight in our life and work hard then we too will get success one day. Their cutting ability is very sharp.

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