TIL: This shark can walk!

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Here's something cool I learned today. There's actually a species of shark that can walk on land!

Don't worry though, a great blue shark isn't coming for you while sunbathing anytime soon.

The species I am talking about is actually a rather small shark called the epaulette shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum), typically found in shallow, tropical waters off Australia and New Guinea.

Now, what's really interesting about this little fella is that it navigates its habitat mostly by walking rather than swimming:

As an adaptation for navigating its complex reef environment, the epaulette shark moves by seemingly walking, bending its body from side-to-side and pushing off of the substrate with its paddle-shaped pectoral and pelvic fins. Its gait is similar to that of salamanders, an example of convergent evolution. source

But what's even more interesting is that they use the same type of locomotion to clumsily "walk" on land ! They usually do that to access another pool of water to find fresh prey it if they get trap on the reef floor die to the tide

Here are a cool video from National Geographic showing this cool shark in action

And one by the one and only David Attenborough

Our great great great ancestors first walked on land 200 million years ago.. One can only imagine what these little fuckers could achieve in 200 million years !


Ok, let's ask chatgbt 🤣

How would an intelligent bipedal life form evolved from epaulette sharks look like

Epaulette sharks are a type of small, bottom-dwelling shark that are found in shallow coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. If an intelligent bipedal life form were to evolve from epaulette sharks, it would likely have several unique adaptations to its body structure.

Firstly, it is important to note that the evolution of bipedalism in sharks is highly unlikely due to the structural limitations of their skeleton. However, for the purposes of this hypothetical scenario, let's assume that this adaptation could occur.

One of the key features of epaulette sharks is their ability to "walk" on their fins using a unique form of locomotion. Therefore, an intelligent bipedal life form evolved from epaulette sharks may have legs that are structurally similar to their fins, with a flexible joint system that allows for a walking motion.

They may also have a highly developed brain and nervous system, as these are crucial for intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Their eyes may be larger and more complex than those of typical epaulette sharks, allowing for greater visual acuity and depth perception.

Given that epaulette sharks are small, it is possible that an intelligent bipedal life form evolved from them may also be small in size. They may have a sleek and streamlined body shape, similar to that of their shark ancestors, which would enable them to move quickly and efficiently through their environment.

Overall, an intelligent bipedal life form evolved from epaulette sharks would likely have a unique combination of adaptations that allow for both bipedal locomotion and increased cognitive abilities.

Well... That was a much more complex answer then I expected!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed learning about this interesting creature!

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that's how I crawl to work everyday in the morning

I recently happened to steal this meme for a coworker/boater/duck hunter, now you’re here, so enjoy the coincidence:

lol, thanks. I always enjoy new and original stuff like this :)

You are not alone fren 🤣

Very cool sharks! It's always fascinated me that they can do it. Thanks for sharing!


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Nature never stops to Surprise... At first i was expecting a Giant Shark walking in ocean Floor but turned out completely Opposite. What if, other sharks evolve and starts walking on land. Dayum Nightmare. :!

The walking shark is impressive. It looks like it guides through the surface using fins !

Watch out he doesn't eat your gold... or silver... You can send it all to me so I will keep it safe and secure... ;)

Nice to see that show. National Geographic always know what they need to share. For the Chatgpt, it really took it to serious measurement 🤣.

I'm still waiting for the news about the mermaid and merman discovery from National Geographic. Maybe they will do that too? I just saw it from Animal Planet and no new discovery until now. Well, it was fiction but who knows when they meet the real one 🤣.


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Wow, that’s pretty interesting. It would be cool to see one of those in real life.

I grew up in south Florida and when it rained enough to flood the drainage there would be catfish from the canals in our yard. I don’t know the exact species but we called them “walking catfish” because they’d use their barbs under their fins to walk back to the canals. It was a sight to behold lol.

Walking sharks...
Prolly a tiger shark and octopus getting too friendly 😂😂😂

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