TIL about the triple point

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I stumbled upon a really cool video today showcasing the phenomenon of triple point, which is when the temperature and pressure are just right for an element so that it exists in all three phases, gas, liquid, and solid.

For water that is at 0.01° C and at a pressure of 0.006 atm.

Imo, it's really mind blowing to see water boiling, melting and forming ice..all at the same time!


And here's a video explaining the triple point in more detail

Cool shit!

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It's the magic of science! Will it be true or a Fake?
I didn't do this experiment at school.😎

Me neither!

That is extremely cool shit

Like you 🥳

very cool

Wow so amazing. Unless you see it for yourself, hard to believe !

It is a great experiment that shows us. It looks hot. In chemistry we only saw pure theory.

It was pretty much the same in my school as well 😩

Pretty cool for sure! Learning something new everyday!


What about the 4th Phase?

Yeah.. I doubt that is possible lmao

what? all 4 phases at the same time?
or the 4th phase in general?

So coool

Ohhh yeah!

wow, i wished we’ve done such experiment at school. thank you YT and candy! 🙃

Yeah it seems pretty simple I wish we had done it too!

never too late to try... need to get some space first, then hustle for all the lab stuff and of we go: doing whatever seems interesting ;)

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