This is one sexy drone!

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It's amazing how drones have evolved in the past years! Just look at this sexy beast:

I am definitely getting one in the next bull market! I am still too pleb to get one in this one:(

If you want to have your own Jetson ONE, please contact us for purchase. 22 000 USD deposit to reserve a build slot. We plan to have twelve build slots for autumn 2022, with production starting during the summer of 2022.

You can learn more about the Jetson One at

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Forget it. This will never be allowed by Aviation Authorities, at least not in our life times. Would be a mess and dangerous for pedestrians, if people start flying around with those.

When the fiat ponzi scheme collapses so will Aviation Authorities.


He lives in Greece, like almost everywhere East-South-East of Vienna, regulations and laws are guidelines and considered optional.

That´s what I thought until recently, but with Corona Greece changed and is quite strict with implementation of the rules, right?

Well, was this summer in Greece, Covid might be a different topic, where even there I've seen a lot of exceptions. It still a land of bending or, better said, interpreting laws for self-interest.

I have Greeks in my family, I know :)

Hopefully no communist 😉


Lol, nice one. Yeah maybe in the first month

Good to know. I was hoping that the Greeks would not disappoint and all of a sudden turn into a herd of sheeple!


Party breaker

You can use one in you private golf course, to fly from hole to hole.
If you will be able to buy enough land to build a golf course, the drone is just peanuts. !LOLZ

My review for the world’s strongest tape
It’s not tearable.

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simple fly it and don't care :D Air rambo

I'm sure that 22k deposit is in safe hands and won't dissappear along with the people behind the company :P

pretty cool, I am gonna get one as well😎

I got a spark DJI back in Jan 2018 and yeah, Drones have come a huge way from back then. I always laugh at the idea that the Yakuza has drones for their operations and then the Japanese police had to gitgud at droning to counterattack them, don't know if its true, but big if :P

Sold out for 2022 and almost sold out for 2023!

I'd far prefer one of these to a lambo.

I recently saw a Ferrari come out of the driveway of a fancy Tel Aviv apartment and straight into a traffic jam.

Some young guys were leering at it but I pointed out that I was walking faster than it.

I will take a lada niva anytime

That's a useful tool everyone should have. Go moon!!! :D



I tweeted about this a few weeks ago. Imagine how sick these vehicles are going to be in a few years.

Yeah, the future finally starts to look like back to the Future

For $92k I I could buy an assembled Cessna 150 and have a LOT more range than 20 miles. Nifty for sure, just need better battery tech to make it actually viable for distance.

Cars will never fly. We are crazy, what will be next? A man on the moon. !LOLZ

Do you know where you can get chicken broth in bulk?
The stock market.

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also needing

Very very nice!



Oh my god. It's only 22K USD for a deposite and 92K USD total, if you've got deep pockets. If I invest in Lassecash I could have it AND a lambo. @nonsowrites and @calumam have deep pockets.

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@nonsowrites and @calumam have deep pockets.

yeah...with holes in it...

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This is not just sexy.. It is crazy


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I love the speedway as well as the quality Photography. Wow. It really worth it. I'm going to source for one soonest. Thanks for the hint 💯💯


Have you heard about the guy who said he had the heart of a lion?
He was banned from the zoo.

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