Shoebills are dicks!

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I am on my fourth day of my holiday trip, currently residing in a really neat 5 star hotel.

Since we have the kiddo with us I decided to try the "all inclusive" option for the first time in my life and oh my god... I am fucking stuffed 🤣 It's been years since I had so much food in my life! I guess I'll do a post tomorrow or the day after, with all the food we are getting .. it's fucking crazy. Definitely an overkill, one day is more than enough, maybe two, anything more isn't worth it.

Anyways, I was chilling on the beach, browsing YouTube and trying to digest all the crap I had, till I stumbled upon this video:

The cruelty is just so damn fascinating! I mean.. I get why the older chick attacks the younger one in an effort to get more then its fair share... But the mother actually walking away of it while the poor ol' wounded chick seeks help...heartbreaking!

Some quick info about shoebills

The shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) is a large stork-like bird, named after... You guessed it.. Its enormous shoe-shaped bill. Despite their stork-like form they are actually more closely related to pelicans and herons. The species is native to tropical east Africa, usually found in freshwater swamps from South Sudan to Zambia. Feel free to visit Wikipedia if you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures!

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Get your estrogen levels checked

epic :)))


Heheheh. Nature is a bitch! That's why I'm not so judgemental of human beings sometimes, we're doing a good job keeping this little civilization we have because nature didn't make us to be this civil but to be bitches 😂.

Glad I am a human or my siblings would have killed me 🤣

But then again, maybe you would have killed your siblings 🌚

why do you need a vacation to eat all the food and browse youtube ? :)

Change of location? 🤣

it's a well known fact that digestion is tied to scenery :P

Sorry @trumpman , I really can't help but say, you really are super creative with the title and I can't help but burst laughing away when I saw it! Hahaha.

Nice article by the way!


Eat like there's no tomorrow!

I try 🤣

I suppose frequently going on vacation during a crypto bear is the best option.

Yep ! Keeps thrbfsmily happy too 😱⛱️

 5 months ago 

Mother Nature, you scary.

"humans are cruel"

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It reminds me of the buffet style. Eat all you can for one price !


That’s nuts

It's been years since I had so much food in my life!

Send pics!

You Nudes first


me teaching the next generation


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This is really awesome to watch and thanks for sharing.