Monkeypox looks fun!

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What fun times we are living in! First COVID which still is on going and now monkeypox 🎉

Here's a fresh paper documenting some of the effects monkeypox may have on the human body, including the penis and anus! Those blisters look really, really beautiful and definitely not painful at all!

Just scroll down, nsfw, you have been warned:

It's ok though, governments say it's mild and we have nothing to worry about. After all, it affects only the gays 🍌🍌

You know, like HIV was a gay only thing. Same with monkeypox, only it apparently has more routes of transmissions. Can't wait for schools to open, unlike with COVID, its our younglings that are the most vulnerable. Hooray!

Screenshot_20220731-233452-979.png source

Wen moon?

On the bright side, I lately hear more and more about shortages in medical stuff (nurses, doctors etc) all over the world due to burn out, long COVID, etc etc, so a second "mild" pandemic would work great 👍

Fun times are coming?!

P.S: I knew I promised to post about something else today but I had some equipment failure so that will have to wait for tomorrow ! I also just noticed I forgot to announce the winner of my dcity contest from like a month ago, I'll draw a winner one of these days too!

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Niggapox is coming for all your white asses. Welcome to Africa 😆😆😆



A shit mask is inevitable :)

The government narrative is only the gays get it from sex though. I doubt we will see any mask mandates anytime soon

the mask can save against cumshots

It is really funny when you say it affects only the gays lol

There is now so many pandemics out. I think soon it will be risky to stand next to a gay !

Is it risky(ier) today to stand next to a Chinese when it comes to covid?

Oh the government says we gonna be alright I'm sure everything will be fine, the government never lets us down 😂

Noooo.... My blue book! Hahahaha. And yes, the dcity contest! Fingers crossed for it!

Thankfully, monkeypox have yet to be viral in my community. I think till date we only have less than 10, and pretty mild cases too. Everyone here seems to be more afraid of this monkeypox than covid itself!

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looks like a Bull Trap Blow off top pattern

gay :P

Like your mom

Heheheh. Wen moon? Seriously? 😂😂
Well, I was really unhappy we were going to probably have another pandemic but then I went ahead and read about what this one does to the body, soon as I found out how mild it was I shrugged it off. Fuck monkeypox, ain't no need to worry.

But then, wtf? Why does it now seem like pandemics are easy to come by? I hope future pandemics toe this mild path cos fuck.

Good luck finding stuff in a year or so in any hospital. Even if that's mild too, stuff are over burned.

Yeah, that's true, but a mild stuff is way better than the devastating ones.

Its a global promblem the shortages in medical stuff and in our country a large number of them have been suspended! What a clown world is this! PS: If monkeypox is a gay thing, shouldn't we stop at least for this year the pride parades?

Man, this is the most shitty after-effect of the Covid pandemic, now we are going to feel threatened by a new virus every year! There were viruses before covid right?

That's why only collect dude coins.

Real dude fun = monkeypox


OR maybe this?