Have your ever seen a moon halo?

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This is a cool phenomenon I experienced for the first time yesterday night, in my 30+ years of life. I just went out to feed the silly dogs and when I gazed the moon it was there.

A moon halo!

I had never heard of it before and I was hmmmmm...wtf is?!?! It looksreally cool! Unfortunately, my shitty phone couldn't capture it properly, despite my best efforts.

So, I went inside and told my wife something weird is going with the moon and if she could try to take a picture with her brand new camera.

She was like, "aahhhh, I know this, it's a moon halo" and briefly explained me what it is!

She also tried to take a photo with her brand new and super expensive toy but with not much luck. Unfortunately it's too new for her and she still has a big learning curve to go.

So here's a photo of what we pretty much saw... From wikipedia 🤣

800px-Moon_ring_over_Tasmania.jpg source

And here's a brief explanation of moon halos and when they occur:

A 22° halo is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a halo with an apparent radius of approximately 22° around the Sun or Moon. When visible around the Moon, it is also known as a moon ring, storm ring, or winter halo. It forms as sunlight or moonlight is refracted by millions of hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Its radius is roughly the length of an outstretched hand at arm's length source and more info

All in all a really cool sight!

Have you ever been lucky enough to encounter one?

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It's the first time I heard of moon halo. It looks spectacular !

Don't say it, your phone has captured it fine @trumpman, i have seen this many times, Specially at mid night, it looks so beautiful. I have also seen this circle around the sun.

The pic is from wikipedia...

yes, 😊😉

very cool! I've never seen that before.. 😎🙏

Man, you made me laugh. For one second you tricked me this was a photo taken by you, but you took it from wikipedia... I bet you were very good in school :))

Meh, I did okayish 😄

it's a sign from the shitposting Gods that they have blessed your ass :)

Aahh that's why it was itchy these days!

yup, that's totally how blessings work :)

Wow that halo looks really cool!! and it coincided with the green comet, did you watch it?

Nope! :(

That's a new one on me. Very interesting!

Next time, maybe use the zoom lense if the phone has one, if the picture is still probably shitty.. then it may be the camera. I'm not sure I've seen something as this.

Nah no zoom on my phone 😣

Very interesting, I had not heard this before, but every day you learn something new, but if it looks spectacular, I like to know about such phenomena that occur in relation to space, moon, sun, planets and all those things, such as the sighting of the green comet that was observed two days ago if I'm not wrong.

I missed the comet:(

Damn it, I've never seen such a Moon, otherwise I would remember! How much we still do not know about our planet.

I will make sure too look up everyday when it's winter now that I know!

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Yeah I've seen one once or twice.
A weirdly satisfying display to be sure.

Although taking a picture of it doesn't actually capture the true description.

Yeah I've seen one once or twice.
A weirdly satisfying display to be sure.

Although taking a picture of it doesn't actually capture the true description.

Yeah, the actual feeling can't be described with words!

I also heard about it for the first time in my life and seeing the picture you shared for the first time in my life. Same thing happened to me when I got a new phone, for a long time I didn't understand its functions.


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